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Bon Homme School #04-2 District Office

District Announcements
  • Teacher of the Year

Do you know a teacher who is dedicated, inspiring, and making a difference?

   The classroom teacher is the backbone of the American educational system. No one person has a greater impact on the education of a child than does the teacher who creates the primary learning and instructional environment.

   To nominate a teacher for the Bon Homme School District 4-2 Teacher of the Year Award, simply obtain a form from Karla Schoenfish, Bon Homme School District Secretary in Tyndall.

   On the form you will be asked to explain why you feel the educator you are nominating should be the District Teacher of the Year, citing specific examples. Some things to consider: the teacher’s methods for meeting student needs, desire for professional growth, community involvement, dedication to the teaching profession and rapport with students, parents and staff.

   Please note: A district teacher of the year candidate who wishes to be considered for region and state teacher of the year must: be a fully certified teacher; be employed by a South Dakota accredited school district - pre-kindergarten through grade 12; have at least three full years of teaching experience; be planning to continue in an active teaching status (supervisory and administrative responsibilities are secondary considerations) for at least two more years.

   For more information on the Teacher of the Year Program visit,

   The Bon Homme School District Teacher of the Year becomes eligible to apply for the Regional Teacher of the Year Award, and possibly for the South Dakota and/or the National Teacher of the Year Award. National Teacher of the Year requires the selected teacher to be teaching in the classroom at least four hours a day, for two years after being selected.

   Nomination deadline is February 26.

  • Gold Cards:

As a form of appreciation and thanks to the senior citizens of the District as well as Grandparents of Bon Homme students, the Bon Homme School Board provides a “Gold Card” activity ticket program. Residents of the Bon Homme School District and Grandparents of Bon Homme students who are 62 years of age or older are eligible to receive a senior citizen Gold Card.

The Gold Card will enable our senior citizens and Grandparents to attend all home events free of charge. This will include concerts, school plays, and sporting events; however, football playoffs, tournaments, and the musical are not included. This is a lifetime pass and does not need to be renewed each year. If you have misplaced or damaged your current card, we’d be happy to replace it for you.

If you wish to receive a Gold Card, please contact Karla in the District Office (605) 589-3388 Ext. 1000 or 

  • Alumni Addresses, Please:

The District Office is collecting names and addresses of alumni from Springfield, Tabor, and Tyndall from 1950-Present for a mailing list. If you or any family member (your parents or their family members, your siblings or your children) graduated from one of the schools, please send name(s), address, and year of graduation to Bon Homme School Alumni List, PO Box 28, Tyndall, SD 57066. Please include maiden name if married. Also, please note "deceased" by the name if they have passed away.

If you have any questions, please contact Karla in the District Office (605) 589-3388 Ext. 1000 or

  • Keys Needed:

If you are not a current Bon Homme employee and are in possession of any school key (Building, Gym, Classroom, etc.) from any site (Springfield, Tabor, Tyndall, or the Colonies), please notify Karla in the District Office (605) 589-3388 Ext. 1000 or