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Bon Homme Middle & High School

 Bon Homme High School and Middle School


December 7, 2023

DID YOU KNOW ……The fastest reptile is the sea turtle.  Marlin & Dory had a wild ride when they went for a cruise on Crush’s back!

And it seems that scene has a basis in truth.  Sea turtles can swim as fast as 35 mph.



MS - 10         HS - 6








THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS CAN PICK UP THEIR COMPUTER/CHARGER:  Bring us your loaner computer and charger if you have one: 


PEOPLE!!  PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE LOST AND FOUND TABLE.  IT HAS EXPLODED OF LATE.  IF IT’S YOURS, PLEASE TAKE IT!!!!  If you’re not looking for it, I’m willing to bet that your mom is.


FOUND – Lunch bags, jackets, PE bag, Hoodies galore! Keys, Retainer, Water bottles, Multiple hoodies/t-shirts, athletic pants, fleece plush pull-over


Random Thoughts

In the 1970s I fell off my bike and broke my arm.  I’m telling you this now because we didn’t have social media back then.


STAFF:  Dismiss the following teams

12/11 – Dismiss the JH GBB team at 3:15pm for their home games with Platte/Geddes


CONCESSION WORKERS–  Listed below are the workers for upcoming home events.  Remember, if you are unable to work an event that you are assigned to, it is YOUR responsibility to get a sub and to notify Mrs. McAllister of the change.  Workers are:

12/12 – Basketball Double Header with Irene/Wakonda – Miley Schweitzer & Joslynn Navratil – Arrive by 5:00pm

12/21 – Basketball Double Header with Alcester/Hudson – Zach Schlaefli & Wyatt Christensen – Arrive by 3:00pm

12/28 – Basketball Double Header with Gayville/Volin – Edward Massman & Wyatt Christensen – Arrive by 1:30pm

01/02 – Basketball Double Header with Parker – Addison Hovorka & Miley Schweitzer – Arrive by 4:15pm

01/05 – Basketball Double Header with Wagner – Kaitlin Raab & Davianna Romero-Walker – Arrive by 4:30pm

01/11 – Wrestling Triangular – Olivia Kaul & Reyna Alberts – Arrive by 5:00pm




JHGBB TEAM – We will be taking Memory Mate pictures on Monday, 12/11, before the games.  Get to the gym and get changed into your uniforms asap that day!


SENIORS – Time to get your Senior pictures and baby pictures turned in to Mrs. Sestak!  Letters were sent to your home in September informing you of all the deadlines.  These pictures are for the Senior class composite and for the yearbook.  The deadline for Senior Pictures is December 14th!!!  Talk to Mrs. Sestak or have your parents email her to inform her of your intentions.

She has only received 4 pictures so far!!  Please get this taken care of.


IT’S WAR!!  A MONEY WAR THAT IS!  The BHHS Student Council is sponsoring a Fund Raiser for the student who was in a serious car accident recently. 

Jars will be placed in the HS/MS office for the High School and Middle School staff.  Jars for the Elementary staff will be in Ann’s office.  Whoever’s jar has the MOST $$ by the end of the fundraising period will be the LOSER.  There will be 2 losers for each group:  HS, MS and Elementary.  Losers will be pied in the face on Monday, 12/11.  So start bringing your money to school and place in in the jars of the staff that you would like to see “pied”!  The fundraising period will be 11/28 thru 12/7.  Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor!


HIGH SCHOOL WINTER DANCE – December 15th from 7:30-10:00pm in the Main Gym - This winter dance is sponsored by the BHHS Student Council and will be for BHHS students ONLY.  Small admission fee of $2.  Snacks & drinks will be on sale as well.  This dance will be casual – Feel free to show up in whatever you choose as long as it’s appropriate for school.


JUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL – The BH JHBBB coaches will be hosting an informational meeting on Thursday, 12/7, during Advisory in Mr. Pudwill’s room.  The coaches encourage all interested JH players to attend.  Report to advisory for roll first, then come to Mr. Pudwill’s room.


JOHN DEERE DEALER C & B OPERATIONS WILL BE HOLDING A CAREER NIGHT IN MITCHELL ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13!  Opportunity to attend a diesel tech school while getting awesome perks during and after school – Opportunity to join their Apprenticeship Program and receive hands-on training without the typical tech school format or expense – Pre-registration from 3:30-4:30 – Rotation Stations available from 4:30-7:30pm – Food will be provided – Location is 2600 West Havens – Guardians welcome – RSVP by December 6th.

Check out C&B Operations at


SENIOR FINANCIAL AID NIGHT will be held January 9 – Time is TBD – There will be a rep from Mount Marty here to explain the changes in the FAFSA form – Please complete your FSA ID for you and one parent BEFORE coming to the FAFSA Night.  Go to


THE BHHS BAND’S ‘CHRISTMAS WREATH SALES’ ARE UNDERWAY!  Wreaths can be purchased starting this week and they can be purchased up until Christmas break begins.  These are made with real greenery and will be sold for $25 each.  Please contact any band student, Mr. Behrens or call the HS/MS office (589-3387, Ext 1100) if you’d like a wreath or two.  Thank you for your support!


FOOD DRIVE – The Junior class will once again be spearheading the Annual Food Drive from November 27th through December 14th.  Some teachers will offer extra credit for food donations.

This food drive will benefit the BON HOMME FOOD PANTRY.  Their shelves usually need replenishing after Thanksgiving, and this collection enables them to help those in need for Christmas.

THIS IS A DISTRICT-WIDE EFFORT.  Arrangements will be made to pick up the Springfield & Tyndall Elementary donations.  Drop off your donations with your teachers or advisors.

Items in need are:


Canned/Jar Items:  Soups, fruits, vegetables, pie mix, sauces, meats, spaghetti sauce, syrup, etc.

Dry Products:  Cereal, pasta, rice, crackers, etc.

Liquids:  Juice, cooking oil, dressings, vinegar, etc.

Other:  Soaps (dish, laundry, personal), toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, toothpaste, etc


KEYS WERE FOUND AND TURNED IN TO THE OFFICE – If you lost any keys last week, check with us please.


ALL COLLEGE REP VISITS WILL TAKE PLACE IN MRS. STEWART’S ROOM FROM 3:15-3:45.  If you wish to talk to them, make sure your Advisor knows where you’re going.


YEARBOOKS AVAILABLE – If you missed out on ordering a ’22-’23 yearbook, Mrs. Sestak has a few extras.  Cost is $50.  Contact Mrs. Sestak or the office if you would like one.


STUDENT ATHLETES – If you plan to ride home from an event with anyone other than the team or a parent, YOU MUST HAVE AN “ACTIVITES NON-PARENT CHECK OUT FORM” completed and turned in to the office the DAY BEFORE YOUR GAME!!  You can get the forms from your coach or from the office.  You can also download the form from our school website.


ALL STUDENTS – There is an admission fee when you go to a school athletic event.  If you plan to go to an activity, you must either have an activity ticket purchased or there will be a $3.00 fee at the door. 


ALL STUDENTS:  Each and every student in the HS/MS is issued a locker and a lock to use on that locker.  Many of you choose NOT to use these.  You need to know that should anything go missing from your locker or your backpack, you will be held financially responsible for the replacement cost of items such as text books, computers, chargers and any other school owned items.  With textbooks running anywhere from $60-$120 each and computers that cost $900, we hope you will reconsider using the locks on your lockers.


JUNIORS AND SENIORS- COLLEGE VISITS– If you are planning a visit to a college, there is paperwork to be done in advance.  You must follow these directions in order for it to count as a “College Day” and for the absence to be exempt.

·          Juniors and Seniors each get one day per year for a visit.  In special cases an extra day may be granted for travel.

·          You must get a “College Visit Request Form” from the office or from Mrs. Stewart.

·          Complete the form and turn in to Mrs. Melichar IN ADVANCE.

·          You can set up the visit yourself or you can ask Mrs. Stewart to help you with that.

·          You MUST actually go to the college, university or tech school.

·          You must bring back a signature from the institution, dated and signed, stating you were there.  You must turn this in to Mrs. Melichar within two weeks of the visit in order for her to exempt the absence.



1.      What was the name of Scrooge’s old partner in “A Christmas Carol”

2.      What does Clark Griswold hope to buy with his big Christmas bonus in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”?

3.      What color is the ornament Charlie Brown puts on his sad little tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?



1)      Jacob Marley

2)      A swimming pool

3)      Red





12/8 – Unscheduled Day

                      Varsity/JV Wrestling – Girls Tourney @ Rapid City – TBD

12/9 – Varsity/JV Wrestling – Boys Tourney @ Gregory – 9:00am

                      Gymnastics @ Wagner – 11:00am

12/11 – JH GBB hosting Platte – 4:00pm

                        JH Wrestling @ Alcestor/Hudson – 4:00pm

                      School Board Meeting @ Tyndall – 6:00pm

12/12 – HS Basketball Double Header – BHHS hosting Irene/Wakonda – 5:00pm

                        Varsity/JV Wrestling @ Marion/Freeman – 5:00pm

12/14 – JH BBB hosting Menno – 4:00pm

                        HS Basketball Double Header @ Scotland – 5:15pm

12/15 – Tutor Day

                      High School Winter Formal – TBA

12/16 – Varsity/JV Wrestling – Girls Tourney @ Madison – TBA

                      Varsity/JV Wrestling – Boys Tourney @ Elk Point/Jefferson – 10am

                        Varsity/JV BBB @ McCook Central – 3:15pm






**SENIORS – Make sure you check out this website:

This is a brand new website the lists not only the Board of Regents scholarships, but almost all scholarships offered statewide.  This is a valuable tool for those of you who are serious about scholarships.



DAKOTA CORPS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – The intent of his scholarship is that the recipients DO NOT PAY ANYTHING towards tuition and generally applicable fees – Each recipient promises, in writing, to enter a critical need occupation in SD following completion of the program of study (A list of these fields are listed on their website) – Minimum GPA of 2.8 or greater – Composite ACT score of 27 or greater – Must attend a participating SD school – Go to for more details and to apply – Deadline is 12/15/23.

BURGER KING SCHOLAR PROGRAM – Minimum GPA of 2.0 – Must plan to enroll full-time at an accredited two or four year college, university or Vocational/Tech school in the US - Apply online at - Deadline is 12/15/23

EQUITABLE EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP – Multiple scholarships of $5000 and $2500 being offered – Minimum GPA of 2.5 - Apply online - Deadline is 12/18/23

SOUTH DAKOTA ASSOCIATION OF PLUMBING, HEATING & COOLING CONTRACTORS SCHOLARSHIP - $1000 and $500 – Intended for those who wish to have a career in the PHC industry – Must be sponsored by a SDAPHCC member – Applications can be found at - Deadline is 12/31/23



SENIORS – Check out the South Dakota Community Foundation website for their nine state-wide scholarships:  Coach Russ Morrell Memorial, Curtis Marvin Hohn Endowment, Dr. Dale A Gibson Oral Health Scholarship, Esther Edie Environmental Scholarship, Gene Abdallah Scholarship, Inez Taylor Walter Scholarship, Oahe Racers Association, SD American Legion, SD Trust Association – Visit their website to see if you qualify – Go to Giving tab, Support and Existing Fund, Filter by Fund Type – Scholarship – Filter by city or county.



GE-REAGAN FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - $10,000 renewable – Must demonstrate the attributes of leadership, integrity, drive and citizenship – Minimum GPA of 3.0 – Must plan to enroll as a full-time student at an accredited four year college or university – Apply online at - Deadline is 01/04/24

FFA SCHOLARSHIPS – One completed application creates eligibility for all listed scholarships.  So many scholarships!  Check out their website and apply online -                App deadline is 1/11/24

SOUTH DAKOTA ASSOCIATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS SCHOLARSHIP – Minimum GPA of 2.0 – Must attend a SD college or tech school – Must pursue career in a trade supportive to the protection and enhancement of our natural resources, environment, and /or related fields – Three letters of reference – Apply at - Deadline is 1/15/24


SD School of Mines & Technology – 1/15/24

Black Hills State – 1/15/24

SDSU – 1/15/24

EASTERN CHAPTER OF SOUTH DAKOTA ENGINEERING SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP - $2000 – Must attend an engineering program at either SDSMT or SDSU – Apps are online at - Deadline is 01/20/23

THE FOOT LOCKER SCHOLAR ATHLETES PROGRAM honors student-athletes who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and strong leadership skills in sports, in their schools, and within their communities. Whether you're the lead scorer or the most spirited team player, we want to hear how you have taken the skills you've cultivated in the locker room and used them to create a powerful, positive impact on the lives of others around you. In order to be eligible for the Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program, the applicant must: Be entering college in the Fall following the scholarship award as a freshman at a four year school for an undergraduate degree or two-year or four-year community college; Be currently involved in high school sports, intramural sports, or community based sports; Have a minimum GPA of 3.0; and Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident (you will be asked to prove citizenship and age if you win). Applications open in December and close at the end of January - Website:  - Deadline is 01/26/24.



NATIONAL WILDLIFE TURKEY FEDERATION DR. JAMES EARL KENNAMER SCHOLARSHIP – Minimum GPA of 3.0 – Must be pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning – Must actively participate in hunting, support the conservation of our hunting heritage – A copy of current hunting license is required – Must hold a current NWTF membership.  If not a current member, visit to join – Short essay – Two letters of recommendation – Apply online at - Deadline is 02/01/24

RAMIA BOERSMA SCHOLARSHIP – Must be entering the teaching profession – Three $750 scholarships  - Must be the daughter/son or granddaughter/grandson of an active member or a retired member of SDEA – Must be in the top 25% of class – Must be accepted in a SD college/university – Three letters of recommendation – Short essay - Apply online at - Deadline is 02/15/24

YANKTON COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS – Apply online at - Deadline is 02/23/24



CURTIS MARVIN HOHN SCHOLARSHIP - $1000 – Must demonstrate personal integrity, personal character, courage; Leadership in school & community; Involvement in civic affairs; Participation in organization that shape school & community, Good work ethic – One letter of reference – Preference will be given to applicants pursuing studies in History, Political Science or Water Resources - Apps can be downloaded from the above listed SD Community Foundation website – Deadline 03/10/24

HATTERSCHEIDT SCHOLARSHIP – Five $2000 scholarships awarded – For incoming college freshmen – Must graduate from a SD high school – Minimum GPA of 3.0 – Must show financial need through completing the FAFSA - Deadline is 03/15/24 – To apply, go to your college’s website.

COACH RUSS MORRELL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - $1000 – Minimum GPA of 3.2 – Two character references – Essay – Preference may be given to a student from Bon Homme, Wagner or Burke - Apps can be downloaded from the above listed SD Community Foundation website – Deadline is 03/15/24

CRITICAL TEACHING NEEDS SCHOLARSHIP – Thinking of becoming a teacher? – Must obtain your postsecondary education in South Dakota – Must remain in state upon completion of education for five years – Minimum GPA of 2.8 – Critical teaching needs areas are:  K-12 Special Education, Vocal & Instrumental music, ESL or ELL – Secondary Math, Science, Language Arts, World Language & Career & Technical Education.   Deadline is 3/15/24

BUILD DAKOTA SCHOLARSHIPOpens 01/01/24 – Be watching for this one if you plan to attend a SD Tech school – These are FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS!  It covers 100% of tuition, fees, books, technology and tools – Upon graduation, recipients agree to work in their field in SD for a minimum of three years – Closes 03/31/24

OAHE RACERS ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – Two $1000 scholarships – Must be pursuing a degree in Automotive – Must attend one of the four technical colleges in SD - Apps can be downloaded from the above listed SD Community Foundation website – Deadline 03/31/24



INEZ TAYLOR WALTER SCHOLARSHIP – Must be pursuing a Nursing degree – Short essay - Apps can be downloaded from the above listed SD Community Foundation website – Deadline is 04/01/24

GENE ABDALLAH SCHOLARSHIP – Must be pursuing a career in Law Enforcement – Minimum GPA of 3.0 – Must have been accepted in to a SD college, university or vocational school – Short essay – Apps can be downloaded from the above listed SD Community Foundation website Deadline is 04/15/24

FREEDOM SCHOLARSHIP -  Offers opportunity to help pay for college as well as building SD workforce – Eligible students have the opportunity to be considered through the school’s financial aid process – Each college/university sets its own application deadline – Make sure you visit your school’s website to see what their deadline is - Must attend an eligible institution – Must demonstrate financial need via FAFSA – Must maintain a 2.0 GPA in college – May pursue a bachelor’s degree in any field – Must commit in writing to living and working in South Dakota for at least three years after graduation -