Springfield Elementary School

Springfield Elementary Announcements


 Jan. 17th - 23rd

23rd week of school



01-21          Fri.      No school scheduled

                               Prof. day for staff

01-23          Sun.    One Act Play Public Performance @ Springfield gym @ 2:00p

01-25          Tues.   Region One Act Play Contest @ Dakota Valley High School

01-28          Fri.      Tutor Friday


02-04          Fri.      No school

02-11          Fri.     Tutor Friday

02-17          Thurs. Early dismissal @ 12:00 (noon) and Parent/Teacher Conferences

                               Will start @ 1:00p-9:00p. 

02-18          Fri.      No school

02-25          Fri.      No school


Thank you to all parents and families for attending and purchasing books at the Family Craft and Book Fair last Friday night.  It was very successful!  Your support is always appreciated.


Also, a thank you to all who participated in the School Store fundraiser.  Many of the students were in the office to pick out their hugger animal for your efforts in participating. We still have some students waiting for their hugger animal because we ran out and had to order more from the company.  Thank you again.


Pre-Game BBQ Pork Sandwich Meal served from 5:00 - 7:00 at the games on Thursday, January 20th.  Free will donation with proceeds going to Bon Homme Post Prom.


              Cavalier Winners for the 22nd week of School is listed below! 



Our PBIS program is well on its way to being very successful again this year.  If they are seen doing a positive CAVS action, then they receive a CAVS ticket.  At the end of each week, one student from each class is drawn out of the box of tickets and they will come to the office and pick a prize from the prize shelves.  We also take a picture and post it to the bulletin board for that week.  They have a goal to reach that is set by the staff.  All this is to promote positive actions from students and staff in the schools.  Our students work hard on these actions every day. 



CAVS stands for: C = Character, A = Accountability, V = Value Learning, and S = Safe Actions.  All staff members give out tickets to anyone seen doing kind deeds or helping a fellow student in school or anytime a student goes above and beyond their daily assignments and routine.  These tickets are the staff’s way of acknowledging their great works.       


We will draw only one name again from each class to be a CAVS winner for the week!

Winners will be listed on next week's announcements!


Kg   Rhykon Nagel

1st   Kelslynn Hedlund

2nd  Cort Faehnrich

3rd   Olivia Adler

4th   Barrett Polk

5th   Tyson Humphrey


The students did make their goal of 800 tickets, but the staff will have to revise the reward as we do not have any snow.  The next reward will be craft stations in each classroom. Total tickets thus far is 372.  They will need a total of 800 tickets again to receive the crafting award.


**Work hard at earning those tickets for your next reward everyone!