Springfield Elementary School

Springfield Elementary Announcements

Fall has arrived for 2021-22 season!

9th Week of School



10/11-20              Penny War! All pennies will be donated to local Museum committee.

10-15 Fri.             No school scheduled

10-17 Sun.            Halloween Costume Party for grades K-8th from 1pm-5pm @ the 4H

                             Building in Tyndall. Cost is $10.00 per person.  See other details        below!

10-18 Mon.          Witches Wail sign up forms go home for parents and students to sign.

10-19 Tues.          Flu Clinic-please return the form if you want your child to get the 

                             Flu vaccination shot.

10-21 Thurs.        Report cards go home with students today!

10-22 Fri.             No school scheduled

10-24 Sun.            BH Co. 4H clubs will be holding their annual Soup Kitchen from

                             11am-2pm at the 4H grounds in Tyndall.  More details below!

4H Soup Kitchen: The Bon Homme County 4H clubs will be holding their annual Soup

Kitchen on Sunday, October 24, 2021 from 11am-2pm at the 4H grounds in

Tyndall.  They will be serving soups, taverns, hot dogs, coffee and pop.  In

addition to the Soup Kitchen, a recognition event will be held beginning at

1pm to recognize 4H members and all the hard work they have done over

the years.

10-28 Thurs.        Witches Wail forms due back to office in order to be entered in drawing.

10/28-11/12          PTO Fan Cloth fundraiser for Springfield Elementary! Details to come.

10/29 Fri.             Tutor Day/AM and Professional Development for Staff in PM.

10-31 Sun.            Witches Wail Siren (City Siren)will blow at 8:30pm-be home by 8:45pm

because that is the time the Witch will start making phone calls to a lucky girl and boy from each class.

11-05 Fri.             Tutor day-AM

11-07 Sun.            Daylight Savings Time Ends – turn your clocks back one hour.

11-08 Mon.          School Board meeting @ 6:00pm in the Springfield Elementary school

11-09 Tues.          Veteran’s Day Program @ Springfield Elementary @ 2:30pm

11-11 Thurs.        Fan Cloth fundraiser Ends today!

11-12 Fri.             No School scheduled



Cavalier Winners for the 8th week of School are listed below!



Our PBIS program is well on its way to being very successful again this year.  If they are seen doing a positive CAVS action, then they receive a CAVS ticket.  At the end of each week, one student from each class is drawn out of the box of tickets and they get to come to the office and pick a prize from the prize shelves.  We also take a picture and post it to the bulletin board for that week.  They have a goal to reach that is set by the staff.  All this is to promote positive actions from students and staff in the schools.  Our students work hard on these actions every day. 



CAVS stands for: C = Character, A = Accountability, V = Value Learning, and S = Safe Actions.  All staff members give out tickets to anyone seen doing kind deeds or helping a fellow student in school or anytime a student goes above and beyond their daily assignments and routine.  These tickets are the staff’s way of acknowledging their great works.       


8th Week Winners:

Kg     Hadley Stockholm

1st     Kayleb Swaney

2nd    Cort Faehnrich

3rd     Tatum Palsma

4th     Maddi Geske

5th     Cobain Heidemann


Their third reward they are working toward is a movie and treat!  They will need to earn 700 tickets total in order to receive the award. Total tickets thus far is 366.  Everyone is doing an awesome job!


Halloween Fundraiser being put on by the BHHS Choir

& Chambers Of Commerce of Springfield, Tabor, and Tyndall


Doors open at 1:00pm

Showing the movie hocus pocus 1:15 - 2:45PM

Costume contest 3:00PM

Games and activities from 3:15 - 5:00pm

Games Free

Crafts Table

Mystery Box

Black Light Tent

Fortune Teller


Games that require Tickets / 1 ticket is worth 50 cents

Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling K-3 – 1 ticket per game

Witch Hat Ring Toss K-3 – 1 ticket per game

Pop the Pumpkin K-3 – 1 ticket per game

Feed the Monster K-3 – 1 ticket per game

Bingo K-8 – 1 ticket per game

Eat the Donut with out your hands K-8 – 6 tickets per game

Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Bowling 4-8 – 1 ticket per game

Eyeball in the Grave – 1 ticket per game

Feed the Monster 4-8 – 1 ticket per game

Fear Factor K-8 – 1 ticket per game



Mummy Dog, Demon Fries, choice of Dessert, and Pond Scum – 10 tickets

Jack-O-Lantern Rice Crispy Treat – 2 tickets

Wormy Grave Yard Dirt Cup – 2 tickets

Ghoulish Fudgy Pretzel – 2 tickets

Frankenstein Popcorn Hand – 1 ticket

Pond Scum from the Cauldron – 2 tickets


Tickets may be purchased at registration or while the games are being played.