September 14, 2020



September 14, 2020

The Bon Homme School District’s School Board met in regular session on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. at the Tyndall School, with the following members present:

Present: Nolan Carson, Ben Hellmann, Jason Humpal, Derrick Johnson, Sam Knoll, Teresa Sternhagen, Janet Wagner

Officers and other persons present: Brad Peters, Superintendent/Secondary Principal; Mike Duffek, Elementary Principal; Gary Kortan, Business Manager; Barb Lindquist, Special Education Coordinator; Christine Schmidt, Tyndall 1st Grade; Becky Tycz, B&H Publishing; Erin Sedlacek, Cheyenne Schenkel

President Sam Knoll called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Carson led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Item #32-2021-09 Motion by Carson, seconded by Wagner, to approve the agenda as amended.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Conflict of Interest Disclosures for Janet Wagner and Jason Humpal were presented.

Item #33-2021-09 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Johnson, to approve the consent agenda as follows:

A.    Minutes of Bon Homme School District #04-2 School Board Proceedings of August 10, 2020

B.     Financial Report

C.     Surplus Items

D.    Public School Exemptions

E.     Open Enrollments

F.      Approve Stephanie Duffek as a volunteer for the Wagner/Bon Homme Gymnastics program

G.    Approve Elisa Misar as Concessions Assistant

H.    Approve Jennifer Jensen as 1st Grade Teacher/Concessions Assistant

I.        Approve Work Agreement for Victoria Vellek-Food Service Director

J.       Approve Work Agreements for Connie Hlavac, Rita Honner, Kim Kocourek, Malicha Pravecek as Kitchen Assistants.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner


SEPTEMBER PAYROLL-Security State Bank--$236,415.37(1111 Elementary Programs-$82,333.10; 1112 Summer School-$6,000.00; 1121 MS Programs-$22,475.76; 1131 HS Programs-$34,712.08; 1273 Title Programs-$11,722.29; 2121 Guidance Services-$7,624.67; 2213 In-Service Programs-$1,497.35; 2222 Library Services-$1,961.17; 2227 Computer Services-$6,106.85; 2321 Office of the Superintendent-$7,866.55; 2410 Office of the Principal-$22,801.54; 2440 Title Program Admin-$850.40; 2529 Business Office-$5,685.91; 2549 Custodial Services-$18,088.17; 6100 Male Extra Duty-$1,454.59; 6200 Female Extra Duty-$2,293.93; 6900 Co-Ed Extra Duty-$2,941.01)

SEPTEMBER BENEFITS--$68,271.06(Avera-$36,827.19; EFTPS-$16,890.72; Delta Dental-$321.15; Flex 125-$337.43; SDRS-$13,894.57)

SEPTEMBER GENERAL FUND CLAIMS--$65,640.85(AMAZON.COM, custodial supplies, $274.98; AMPLIFY, elementary science, $2,625.00; AMSTERDAM PRINTING, calendar books, $216.05; ANDERSEN TELECOM, LLC, program keys, $175.97; ASBSD, ASBSD-SASD Virtual, $300.00; AT&T MOBILITY, wireless fees, $531.62; AVERA HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, wireless forehead, $1,199.85; AVERA ST. MICHAEL’S HOSPITAL, August physical therapy, $232.00; B&H PUBLISHING, publishing fees/signature stamp, $1,609.51; B-J SCHOOL BUS, INC., routes, $8,562.36; BCN TELECOM, INC., telephone, $386.05; BERESFORD SCHOOL DIST 61-2, entry fee, $75.00; BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, card services/officiating/memorial, $6,142.98; CARD SERVICES, postage/key replacements/textbooks/music/gas, $1,656.22; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, FFVP program, $1,311.16; CENTERVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT #60-1, entry fee, $40.00; AMY COOPER, coaching class, $35.00; CULLIGAN, rental/salt, $174.00; DAKOTA VALLEY, entry fee, $30.00; DUST-TEX SERVICE, cleaning service, $292.42; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC., overages/faxes, $118.56; ELLISON EDUCATIONAL EQUIP, cutting pads, $34.00; EMBROIDERY PLUS, singers masks, $500.00; THE FLOWER SHOP, bouquet, $35.00; FORT RANDALL TELEPHONE CO., telephone, $675.38; GOLDEN WEST TELECOM, Springfield telephone, $153.74; GRAVES IT SOLUTIONS, network troubleshooting, $50.00; YOLIE HALL, kids masks, $11.98; HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS, athletic supplies, $429.40; SARA HENTO, assistance during COVID, $100.00; HILLYARD, custodial supplies, $6,010.09; CONNIE HLAVAC, background check reimbursement, $45.65; J&J LUMBER, mice bait/plexiglass, $155.53; JCL SOLUTIONS, custodial supplies, $288.20; JOHNSON CONTROLS, chiller repair, $577.97; JOSTENS INC., yearbook payment, $2,543.46; JURRENS ELECTRONICS, microphone, $49.00; KAUL’S AG & AUTO INC., vehicle & custodial supplies, $302.93; KORTAN SANITARY SERVICE, sanitation service, $99.00; TRAVIS LAPE, donation for face shields, $100.00; MATHESON TRI-GAS, INC., hazardous materials, $424.93; MCCORMICK’S GROUP, LLC, instrument bell covers, $3,300.83; MCGRAW-HILL SCHOOL ED HOLDINGS, LLX, genetics textbooks, $2,028.47; MENARDS, supplies, $806.64; RUTH MOORE, art reimbursement, $52.55; ANGIE NAGEL, roll of stamps, $55.00; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, Springfield electricity, $319.56; ONE OFFICE SOLUTION, school/office supplies, $74.77; PECHOUS REPAIR, vehicle maintenance/repair, $1,605.54; PETTY CASH-DISTRICT OFFICE, post office, $78.65; PETTY CASH-TABOR, post office, $11.00; PHEASANTLAND INDUSTRIES, textbook rebinding, $18.00; PITNEY BOWES RESERVE ACCOUNT, postal meter funds, $700.00; PITNEY BOWES, INC., postal meter ink cartridges, $200.97; POPPLERS MUSIC, INC., music, $541.90; SASD, membership, $2,102.00; SCHMIDT’S SERVICE, vehicle maintenance, $664.87; SCHOENFISH & CO., INC., assist with 2019 annual, $600.00; KARLA SCHOENFISH, hand sanitizer, $34.89; SCHOOL SPECIALTY, school/office supplies, $222.18; SDI INNOVATIONS, teacher planners, $87.00; SMR PROMOTIONS, magnets, $1,190.98; SOUTH CENTRAL COOPERATIVE, instructor certification/book for CPI, $600.75; CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, sewer/water, $113.53; TABOR COOP LUMBER, gas, $89.48; TOWN OF TABOR, sewer/water, $71.55; THE TRAINING ROOM, band aids/lanyards/tape, $972.89; TWIN CITY HARDWARD, keys, $110.78; TYNDALL ACE HARDWARE, supplies, $456.71; TYNDALL BAKERY, rolls, $86.40; CITY OF TYNDALL, electricity/water/sewer, $7,438.41; VOCABULARYSPELLINGCITY.COM, 6th/7th/8th licenses, $272.70; RANDY WEIER, in-service reimbursement, $52.80; WILLIAMS SANITATION, sanitation service, $611.00; YANKTON JANITORIAL SUPPLY, INC., custodial supplies, $1,493.06)



SEPTEMBER CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND CLAIMS--$82,045.64(COUNTRY FORD, INC., ford transit van, $22,900.00; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC., copies/printers/overages, $4,008.63; HEARTLAND ROOFING CONSULTANTS, 1st quarter contract, $1,242.50; HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, math books, $2,246.91; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC, student tables/chairs, $4,857.60; MIDWEST BOILER, boiler repair, $36,750.00; PUETZ DESIGN & BUILD, preliminary design fees, $4,000.00; RIVERSIDE TECHNOLOGIES INC., laptops, $4,040.00; ST. WENCESLAUS CHURCH, building rent, $2,000.00)




SEPTEMBER PAYROLL-Security State Bank--$23,591.90(1221 Mild to Moderate Programs-$16,908.12; 1222 Severe Programs-$973.08; 2710 Sped Director-$5,710.70)

SEPTEMBER BENEFITS--$6,784.59(Avera-$3,601.34; EFTPS-$1,772.53; SDRS-$1,410.72)

SEPTEMBER CLAIMS--$3,745.10(BCN TELECOM, INC., mild/severe, $14.67; MELANIE BEST, interpreter service, $60.00; JEANNIE KASIK, INTERPRETER SERVICES, $2,866.43; SOUTH CENTRAL COOPERATIVE, sped advantage annual, $804.00)




SEPTEMBER PAYROLLSecurity State Bank--$8,337.48(2569 Food Service-$8,337.48)

SEPTEMBER BENEFITS--$6,543.63(Avera-$5,484.71; EFTPS-$585.28; Delta Dental-$11.07; Flex 125-$4.26; SDRS-$458.31)

SEPTEMBER FOOD SERVICE FUND CLAIMS--$14,302.92(BCN TELECOM, INC., food service, $0.00; BON HOMME HUTTERISCHE COLONY, regular meals, $1,081.00; CAHOY’S GENERAL STORE, supplies, $107.78; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, breakfast/lunch items, $5,466.62; HEIMAN FIRE EQUIPMENT INC., semi-annual inspection, $405.00; HILAND DAIRY, dairy products, $1,961.57; HILLYARD, custodial supplies, $1,505.37; HOBART SALES & SERVICE, edlund repair, $119.15; HORNSTRA HEATING & COOLING, cooler repair, $490.00; PAN-O-GOLD BAKING CO., bread, $436.89; REINHART FOOD SERVICE, breakfast/lunch items, $2,693.54; TYNDALL BAKERY, hamburger buns, $36.00)




SEPTEMBER PAYROLL-Security State Bank--$4,069.76(1141 Preschool Program-$4,069.76)

SEPTEMBER BENEFITS--$1,130.88(Avera-$608.20; EFTPS-$307.52; SDRS-$215.16)





SEPTEMBER CLAIMS--$2,450.00(DAKTRONICS, all sport console, $2,450.00)



Reports were reviewed from the following: Brad Peters-Superintendent/Secondary Principal, Mike Duffek-Elementary Principal/Athletic Director, Gary Kortan-Business Manager, Lisa Tolliver-PBIS, Barb Lindquist-Special Education, Zachary Behrens-Student Council, Matt Aarstad-Technology.

Item #34-2021-09 Motion by Carson, seconded by Humpal, to approve the 2020-2021 School District Budget.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #35-2021-09 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Johnson, to approve Payment of Bills.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen

Abstained: Wagner

Item #36-2021-09 Motion by Carson, seconded by Sternhagen, to approve amended 2020-21 school calendar.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #37-2021-09 Motion by Johnson, seconded by Humpal, to approve 2020 tax request.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #38-2021-09 Motion by Carson, seconded by Johnson, to approve snow removal bid to Berndt Snow Removal.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #39-2021-09 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Humpal, to approve donation from Travis & Jessica Schaeffer (library books for Tabor K-5) with thanks.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #40-2021-09 Motion by Wagner, seconded by Johnson, to accept resignation of Connie Sip as Tyndall Custodian effective Friday, September 11, 2020.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #41-2021-09 Motion by Humpal, seconded by Johnson, to amend Dues & Fees Schedule.

Aye: Carson, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Hellmann arrived at 6:58 p.m.

Item #42-2021-09 Motion by Carson, seconded by Sternhagen, to approve Quarantine Resolution.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #43-2021-09 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Humpal, to adjourn the meeting at 7:13 p.m.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner


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Sam Knoll, School Board President                                      Gary Kortan, Business Manager