January 13, 2020



January 13, 2020

The Bon Homme School District’s School Board met in regular session on Monday, January 13, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Tabor School, with the following members present:

Present: Nolan Carson, Ben Hellmann, Jason Humpal, Sam Knoll, Mike Sedlacek, Teresa Sternhagen, Janet Wagner

Officers and other persons present: Brad Peters, Superintendent/Secondary Principal; Gary Kortan, Business Manager; Barb Lindquist, Special Education Coordinator; Melissa Bruna, High School English/PBIS; Tara McAllister, Tyndall Elementary JK/Title; Jeani Merkwan, Tyndall Elementary Preschool; Jennifer Mudder, Tyndall Elementary 5th Grade/PBIS; Becky Tycz, B&H Publishing; Erin Sedlacek; Cheyenne Schenkel; Lorraine Sorenson

President Ben Hellmann called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

Wagner led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Open Forum

Erin Sedlacek addressed the Board concerning committee meetings, public input, and ways to facilitate better communication with staff and the public.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure by Mike Sedlacek was reviewed.

Item #62-1920-1 Motion by Knoll, seconded by Carson, to approve the agenda as amended.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #63-1920-1 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Humpal, to approve the consent agenda as follows:

A.    Minutes of Bon Homme School District #04-2 School Board Proceedings of December 9, 2019

B.     Payment of Bills

C.     Financial Reports

D.    Surplus Items

E.     Open Enrollment

F.      Approve Lenny Gramkow as a Special Education Driver

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner


JANUARY PAYROLL CorTrust Bank--$231,501.37(1111 Elementary Programs-$84,746.01; 1121 MS Programs-$22,160.44; 1131 HS Programs-$34,519.82; 1273 Disadvantaged Child Programs-$10,580.44; 2121 Guidance Services-$7,453.34; 2213 In-Service Programs-$985.02; 2222 Library Services-$2,676.64; 2227 Computer Services-$5,943.88; 2321 Office of the Superintendent-$7,360.62; 2410 Office of the Principal-$20,407.74; 2440 Title Programs Admin-$1,013.36; 2529 Business Office-$5,359.96; 2549 Custodial Services-$20,429.22; 6100 Male Extra Duty-$1,881.14; 6200 Female Extra Duty-$2,649.09; 6900 Co-Ed Extra Duty-$3,334.65)

JANUARY BENEFITS--$66,269.91(Avera-$35,648.53; EFTPS-$16,367.02; Delta Dental-$321.15; Flex 125-$345.76; SDRS-$13,587.45)

JANUARY GENERAL FUND CLAIMS--$87,012.34(AMAZON.COM, supplies/books, $1,136.88; AT&T MOBILITY, wireless fees, $345.78; AUTOMATIC BUILDING CONTROLS, annual fire alarm check, $2,008.00; AVON CLARION, new employee ad, $420.00; B&H PUBLISHING, publishing fees, $536.56; B-J SCHOOL BUS, INC., routes/sports events, $24,331.03; B-Y ELECTRIC, electricity, $3,811.80; BCN TELECOM, INC., telephone, $259.83; BERNDT’S TREE SERVICE, snow removal, $5,300.00; BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, card services/gas/officiating/entry fees, $6,347.80; CARD SERVICES, gas/PBIS gift cards/drama supplies/conf. registrations, $1,754.21; CENTRAL FARMERS COOP, propane, $8,460.90; CULLIGAN, water softener rental, $163.25; DAKOTA VALLEY, Region One Act, $166.60; DELL RAPIDS SCHOOL DISTRICT #49-3, entry fee, $100.00; DUST-TEX SERVICE, cleaning service, $292.42; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC., overages/faxes, $90.48; FORT RANDALL TELEPHONE CO., telephone, $667.19; GOLDEN WEST TELECOM, Springfield telephone, $151.82; GRAINGER, custodial supplies, $60.92; GRAVES IT SOLUTIONS, remote support, $100.00; GREGORY SCHOOL DISTRICT #26-4, entry fee, $125.00; MADISON HALL, background check, $43.25; YOLIE HALL, PBIS reimbursement, $8.79; HIGHER POWER SPORTS, speaker fee, $1,000.00; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC, tape dispensers, $4.02; INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY CENTER, electronic device repair, $190.00; JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS, W-2 business forms, $113.32; JCL SOLUTIONS, custodial supplies, $821.09; JOHNSON CONTROLS, door intercom issues, $2,205.04; JW PEPPER & SON, INC., music, $661.97; KORTAN SANITARY SERVICE, sanitation service, $99.00; LAB-AIDS, ag supplies, $93.70; BARBARA LINDQUIST, PBIS prizes, $31.42; MARLOW, WOODWARD & HUFF, PROFESSIONAL LLC, legal services, $254.00; GAIL MARUSKA, meal reimbursements, $15.06; MATHESON TRI-GAS, INC., hazardous materials, $397.03; MIKE’S BAND INSTRUMENT REPAIR, instrument repair, $65.00; RUTH MOORE, mentor teacher stipend, $200.00; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, Springfield electricity, $832.69; ONE OFFICE SOLUTION, copy paper, $2,723.00; OVERDRIVE, digital library, $250.00; PECHOUS PUBLICATIONS LLC, new employee ad, $113.40; PETTY CASH-DISTRICT OFFICE, postage, $31.09; PETTY CASH-TABOR, postage, $11.00; PITNEY BOWES RESERVE ACCOUNT, postal meter funds, $400.00; JENNA REMBOLD, PBIS reimbursement, $29.57; SCHMIDT’S SERVICE, propane/gas, $6,958.00; SCHOLASTIC INC., books, $152.57; SOUTH CENTRAL COOPERATIVE, admin costs, $1,042.00; SOUTH DAKOTA DEPT OF HEALTH, nursing services, $449.50; CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, sewer/water, $115.00; LISA STOEBNER, meal reimbursement, $15.06; SUPREME SCHOOL SUPPLY, birthday/thank you cards, $63.59; TABOR COOP LUMBER, gas, $170.36; TOWN OF TABOR, sewer/water, $99.55; TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS, gift cards, $1,200.00; THRIVE NUTRITION SERVICES, FFVP, $1,415.24; THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR CORPORATION, quarterly elevator, $353.59; TRI-VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT #49-6, entry fee, $125.00; TYNDALL ACE HARDWARE, supplies, $626.70; TYNDALL BAKERY, PBIS reimbursement, $79.20; TYNDALL MOTORS, vehicle repair, $69.66; CITY OF TYNDALL, electricity/water/sewer, $5,475.17; JOE VAVRUSKA, basketball worker, $90.00; WAYNE STATE COLLEGE, choral festival fees, $60.00; LORETHA WEBBER, music for choral festival, $33.64; WILLIAMS SANITATION, sanitation service, $611.00; YANKTON JANITORIAL SUPPLY, INC., custodial supplies, $583.60)



JANUARY CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND CLAIMS--$6,995.18(BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, card services, $585.74; DOUGHERTY & ASSOCIATES, continuing disclosure, $450.00; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC, overages/copies/printers, $3,059.44; ST. WENCESLAUS CHURCH, building rent, $2,150.00; US BANK ST. PAUL, admin fees, $750.00)




JANUARY PAYROLL CorTrust Bank--$29,030.07(1221 Mild to Moderate Programs-$21,722.64; 1222 Severe-$1,725.23; 2710 SPED Director-$5,582.20)

JANUARY BENEFITS--$9,182.72(Avera-$5,322.95; EFTPS-$2,164.14; SDRS-$1,695.63)

JANUARY SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND CLAIMS--$41,173.90(BCN TELECOM, INC., mild/severe, $3.10; MELANIE BEST, deaf interpreter, $270.00; JEANNIE KASIK, deaf interpreter, $5,935.50; LIFEQUEST, Dec services, $1,575.00; PETTY CASH-DISTRICT OFFICE, postage, $14.30; SOUTH CENTRAL COOPERATIVE, services, $33,151.00; NATASHA THINER, deaf interpreter, $225.00)




JANUARY PAYROLL CorTrust Bank--$23,702.20

JANUARY BENEFITS--$1,813.21(EFTPS-$1,813.21)




JANUARY PAYROLL CorTrust Bank--$2,068.22(2569 Food Service-$2,068.22)

JANUARY BENEFITS--$873.71(Avera-$615.60; EFTPS-$118.69; Delta Dental-$11.07; Flex 125-$4.26; SDRS-$124.09)

JANUARY FOOD SERVICE FUND CLAIMS--$16,730.37(BCN TELECOM, INC., food service, $0.00; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, forks/teaspoons, $146.20; HOBART SALES & SERVICE, steamer repair, $2,050.00; KIMBERLY JONAS, lunch account refund, $15.80; THRIVE NUTRITION SERVICES, regular meals, $14,491.87; MELISSA WILLIAMS, lunch account reimbursement, $26.50)




JANUARY PAYROLL CorTrust Bank--$5,763.56(1141 Preschool Program-$5,763.56)

JANUARY BENEFITS--$1,255.60(Avera-$608.20; EFTPS-$437.08; SDRS-$210.32)




Reports were reviewed from the following: Brad Peters-Superintendent/Secondary Principal; Mike Duffek-Elementary Principal/Title/Athletic Director; Gary Kortan-Business Manager; Austin Herrboldt-Student Council; Melissa Bruna/Jennifer Mudder-PBIS; Barb Lindquist-Special Education, Matt Aarstad-Technology.

Item #64-1920-1 Motion by Carson, seconded by Sedlacek, to approve 2nd Reading of Policy DJA Procurement.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Discussion on 2020-21 Calendar.

Change end of 1st Quarter to October 16th.

Item #65-1920-1 Motion by Carson, seconded by Wagner, to approve SPED Interpreter contracts for Melanie Best & Natasha Thiner.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #66-1920-1 Motion by Humpal, seconded by Sternhagen, to approve 2020 Election timeline.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #67-1920-1 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Wagner, to table request from Class of 2020 to be exempt from 2nd semester tests to February meeting.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #68-1920-1 Motion by Knoll, seconded by Humpal, to accept resignation and approve voluntary separation for Linda Haar with thanks and regrets for years of service.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #69-1920-1 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Sedlacek, to approve the following donations: $300-Anonymous for Vocal, Band, and FFA; $60 from Nick & Katie Stutzman for Tabor Elementary field trips; $25 from Justin & Jayna Wagner for Tabor Elementary field trips; Books from Bon Homme County 4-H & Jr. Leaders for Tabor Elementary Library; School & Teaching supplies from American Legion Auxiliary of Tabor for Tabor Elementary classrooms; Classroom supplies from Joe Mutschelknaus & Linda Schenkel for Tabor Elementary.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #70-1920-1 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Humpal, to adjourn the meeting at 6:53 p.m.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Knoll, Sedlacek, Sternhagen, Wagner


__________________________________                            ___________________________________

Ben Hellmann, School Board President                                Gary Kortan, Business Manager