December 14, 2020



December 14, 2020

The Bon Homme School District’s School Board met in regular session on Monday, December 14, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Tyndall School, with the following members present:

Present: Nolan Carson, Ben Hellmann, Jason Humpal, Derrick Johnson, Sam Knoll, Teresa Sternhagen, Janet Wagner

Officers and other persons present: Brad Peters, Superintendent/Secondary Principal; Mike Duffek, Elementary Principal; Gary Kortan, Business Manager; Barb Lindquist, Special Education Coordinator; Matthew Aarstad, Technology; Melissa Bruna, High School English; Jeani Merkwan, Preschool; Tara McAllister, JK/Title; Deb Sternhagen, 3rd Grade; Becky Tycz, Tyndall Tribune; Cheyenne Schenkel

President Sam Knoll called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Sternhagen led the Pledge of Allegiance.


SDFCA Academic All-State Football Players

1.      Noah Heesch

2.      Kaleb Kubal

3.      Hannah Lindula

SDFBCA All-State Football Players Honorable Mention

1.      Kaleb Kubal

2.      Riley Rothschadl

3.      Isaac Crownover

Argus Leader Elite 45 Football Player Honorable Mention

1.      Kaleb Kubal

SDHSAA Academic Achievement Volleyball Team Award w/Combined 3.9 GPA


Item #64-2021-12 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Wagner, to approve the agenda as presented.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #65-2021-12 Motion by Carson, seconded by Johnson, to approve the consent agenda as follows:

A.    Minutes of Bon Homme School District #04-2 School Board Proceedings of November 9, 2020

B.     Financial Report

C.     Surplus Items

D.    Public School Exemption

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner


DECEMBER PAYROLL-Security State Bank--$310,038.26(1111 Elementary Programs-$120,718.20; 1121 MS Programs-$29,603.66; 1131 HS Programs-$45,116.63; 1273 Title Programs-$14,280.17; 2121 Guidance Services-$10,024.67; 2213 In-Service Programs-$847.80; 2222 Library Services-$3,920.74; 2227 Computer Services-$7,448.60; 2321 Office of the Superintendent-$9,761.09; 2410 Office of the Principal-$25,876.73; 2440 Title Program Admin-$850.40; 2529 Business Office-$7,150.58; 2549 Custodial Services-$25,282.06; 6100 Male Extra Duty-$1,469.59; 6200 Female Extra Duty-$3,951.33; 6900 Co-Ed Extra Duty-$3,736.01)

DECEMBER BENEFITS--$80,546.85(Avera-$39,771.26; EFTPS-$22,373.98; Delta Dental-$321.15; Flex 125-$297.69; SDRS-$17,782.77)

DECEMBER GENERAL FUND CLAIMS--$68,166.48(A-OX WELDING SUPPLY, welding wire, $271.96; AMAZON.COM, shredders/headphones/footballs/books/scale, $719.25; AT&T MOBILITY, wireless fees, $393.64; AVERA HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, forehead thermometers, $399.95; B&H PUBLISHING, publishing fees, $351.10; B-J SCHOOL BUS, INC., routes, $23,223.76; B-Y ELECTRIC, electricity, $1,994.53; BCN TELECOM, INC., telephone, $289.32; BERENDSEN PLUMBING, drain clean, $158.10; BERNDT’S TREE SERVICE, snow removal, $2,100.00; BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, card services/amazon/Walmart/officiating, $6,350.75; CAHOY’S GENERAL STORE, PBIS supplies, $41.92; CARD SERVICES, gas/amazon prime, $186.95; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, kitchen supplies, $1,996.86; CHURCHILL, MANOLIS, FREEMAN, KLUDT & BURNS LLP, legal services, $362.48; CULLIGAN, tank rental, $102.00; DECKER EQUIPMENT, custodial supplies, $700.93; DUST-TEX SERVICE, cleaning service, $256.31; ALICIA DYKSTRA, summer school supplies, $64.54; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC., faxes/overages, $98.94; FORT RANDALL TELEPHONE CO., telephone, $677.14; GT AUTOBODY, ag supplies, $124.84; GOLDEN WEST TELECOM, Springfield telephone, $153.98; HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS, basketballs/scorebooks, $655.28; HILLYARD, custodial supplies, $919.60; JOSTENS INC., yearbook payment, $2,096.00; KORTAN SANITARY SERVICE, sanitation service, $99.00; JILL KOTALIK, PBIS supplies, $21.40; BARBARA LINDQUIST, PBIS supplies, $19.92; LMVC, conference dues, $300.00; MATHESON TRI-GAS, INC., hazardous materials, $411.79; MIKE’S BAND INSTRUMENT REPAIR, instrument repair, $110.00; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, Springfield electricity, $913.84; PARKSTON HIGH SCHOOL, entry fees, $25.00; PETTY CASH-TABOR, petty cash, $2.88; PITNEY BOWES RESERVE ACCOUNT, postal meter funds, $400.00; POWERS PORT-A-POT RENTAL, port-a-pot rental, $250.00; RAY’S MIDBELL MUSIC, clarinet reeds, $35.48; RESTROOM DIRECT, hand dryer, $480.00; SCHMIDT’S SERVICE, gas/vehicle maintenance/propane, $7,665.82; SCHOLASTIC, books, $235.60; SCHOOL SPECIALTY, art supplies, $463.82; SCOTLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT 4-3, entry fees, $30.00; SDHSAA, fine arts judge, $81.66; SDI INNOVATIONS, planners, $470.41; SPRINGFIELD PLUMBING, Springfield building repair, $219.00; CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, sewer/water, $159.23; TABOR COOP-PETROLEUM DEPT., gas, $125.46; TOWN OF TABOR, sewer/water, $124.05; TIE OFFICE, online services, $1,750.00; TYNDALL ACE HARDWARE, supplies, $162.66; TYNDALL MOTORS, vehicle maintenance, $374.06; CITY OF TYNDALL, electricity/water/sewer, $6,213.81; US POST OFFICE, postal box rent, $152.00; JOHN VOIGT, piano tuning, $170.00; WAGNER COMMUNITY SCHOOL, gymnastics/entry fees, $1,030.00; WALMART, supplies, $368.46; WILLIAMS SANITATION, sanitation service, $611.00)



DECEMBER CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND CLAIMS--$22,619.20(ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC., copies/printers/overages, $3,345.51; HEARTLAND ROOFING CONSULTANTS, 2nd quarter contract, $1,242.50; HIGH PLAINS TECHNOLOGY, INC., E-Rate cabling, $9,950.00; JB HEATING & COOLING, transfer minisplits, $5,100.00; SCHOLASTIC, books, $29.50; SOFTWARE UNLIMITED INC., prorated annual fee, $890.00; ST. WENCESLAUS CHURCH, building rent, $2,000.00; WALMART, books for Tabor library, $61.69)




DECEMBER PAYROLL-Security State Bank--$31,900.39(1221 Mild to Moderate Programs-$25,216.61; 1222 Severe Programs-$973.08; 2710 Sped Director-$5,710.70)

DECEMBER BENEFITS--$8,387.10(Avera-$4,128.26; EFTPS-$2,410.04; SDRS-$1,848.80)

DECEMBER CLAIMS--$6,856.35(AMAZON.COM, shredder/hearing aid batteries, $50.30; BCN TELECOM, INC., mild/severe, $7.80; BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, phonics books/reusable face mask, $60.09; JEANNIE KASIK, deaf interpreter, $6,738.16)




DECEMBER PAYROLLSecurity State Bank--$16,802.77(2569 Food Service-$16,802.77)

DECEMBER BENEFITS--$5,499.86(Avera-$3,370.69; EFTPS-$1,227.09; Delta Dental-$11.07; Flex 125-$2.12; SDRS-$888.89)

DECEMBER FOOD SERVICE FUND CLAIMS--$12,883.64(BCN TELECOM, INC., food service, $0.00; AMANDA BISSON, lunch refund, $12.75; BON HOMME HUTTERISCHE COLONY, regular meals, $3,012.70; BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, Walmart-sharpies, $8.88; CAHOY’S GENERAL STORE, food service supplies, $9.96; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, kitchen supplies, $4,651.72; MEGAN DODD, lunch refund, $43.65; HAASE’S HEATING & COOLING, LLC, freezer repair, $111.98; HILAND DAIRY, milk, $1,713.68; HILLYARD, dish detergent, $106.47; JANEL & STEVE JONAS, lunch refund, $8.25; PAN-O-GOLD BAKING CO., bread, $681.86; WAKAN PETITE, lunch refund, $8.10; REINHART FOOD SERVICE, food products, $2468.48; MINDY SCHONEBAUM, lunch refund, $10.76; BEULA TJEERDSMA, lunch refund, $6.28; MINERVA VALENZUELA, lunch refund, $20.65; WALMART, burn cream for kitchen, $7.47)




DECEMBER PAYROLL-Security State Bank--$6,629.44(1141 Preschool Program-$6,629.44)

DECEMBER BENEFITS--$1,455.00(Avera-$664.51; EFTPS-$503.33; SDRS-$287.16)

DECEMBER CLAIMS--$13.68(BON HOMME SCHOOL DIST 4-2, Walmart-preschool booster seat, $13.68)



Reports were reviewed from the following: Brad Peters-Superintendent/Secondary Principal, Mike Duffek-Elementary Principal/Athletic Director, Gary Kortan-Business Manager, Lisa Tolliver-PBIS, Barb Lindquist-Special Education, Zachary Behrens-Student Council, Matt Aarstad-Technology.

Item #66-2021-12 Motion by Carson, seconded by Wagner, to approve $400 drama stipend for Billy Kaul.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #67-2021-12 Motion by Hellmann, seconded by Sternhagen, to approve addition of Donna Bult to CRF pay listing at $200.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #68-2021-12 Motion by Humpal, seconded by Johnson, to approve Mace Merkwan as Assistant Boys Basketball coach.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #69-2021-12 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Johnson, to approve Alex Caba and Dommonick Pechous as volunteer wrestling coaches.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #70-2021-12 Motion by Johnson, seconded by Carson, to approve payment of bills.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #71-2021-12 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Wagner, to approve Christmas greeting ad.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #72-2021-12 Motion by Humpal, seconded by Wagner, to approve donations: Jeff & Emily Kloucek $75.00 for Tabor K-5 Student Council Field Trips; Anonymous-$40 & $30 to Tabor K-5 Student Council.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner

Item #73-2021-12 Motion by Sternhagen, seconded by Humpal, to adjourn the meeting at 6:22 p.m.

Aye: Carson, Hellmann, Humpal, Johnson, Knoll, Sternhagen, Wagner


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Sam Knoll, School Board President                                      Gary Kortan, Business Manager