February 10, 2020


February 10, 2020

6:00 p.m., Springfield

I.            CALL TO ORDER

A.  Pledge of Allegiance

II.          OPEN FORUM


A.  Region One Act Play-Outstanding Acting Awards

The Region One Act contest was recently held at Dakota Valley. Five individuals received outstanding acting awards. They are Zakk Bertrand, Treytez Boucher, Elijah Eastman, Jesslyn Garness and Mary Mathews

B.   SDHSAA Academic Team Awards

     1.    Oral Interpretation

     2.    Volleyball

C.  SD School Board Recognition Week February 17-21, 2020

     1.      Nolan Carson

     2.      Ben Hellmann

     3.      Jason Humpal

     4.      Sam Knoll

     5.      Mike Sedlacek

     6.      Teresa Sternhagen

     7.      Janet Wagner

IV.            AGENDA

A.  Additions to Agenda


·         Item H. – Approve Elementary Principal Contract

·         Item I. - Resignations

Ø  Accept resignations from Jen Mudder and Melissa Bruna for Elementary and Middle School/High School PBIS Coordinators pending the finding of suitable replacements

·         Item J. – March Meeting Date

B.  Conflict of Interest Disclosures

C.  Approval of meeting agenda



A.  Minutes

B.  Payment of Bills

C.  Financial Report

D.  Surplus Items

E.   Public School Exemption

F.    Open Enrollment

VII.            REPORTS

¨   Superintendent/Secondary Principal – Brad Peters

¨   Elementary Principal/Title/AD—Mike Duffek

¨   Business Manager—Gary Kortan

¨   PBISMelissa Bruna/Jennifer Mudder

¨  Student Council—Austin Herrboldt

¨   Special Education—Barbara Lindquist

¨   Technology—Matt Aarstad

¨   School Board—Verbal


             A.    Approve class of 2020 request to be exempt from 2nd semester tests

            B.     Approve 2020-21 School Calendar

IX.            NEW BUSINESS

A.  Approve Renewal of Superintendent Contract

B.  Approve Business Manager Contract

C.  Approve 2018-2019 Audit

D.  Approve 2020 Summer Food Service Program at BH Colony

E.  Approve 5-Year Capital Outlay Plan

F.  School Board Committee Meetings

·         Erin Sedlacek has made a formal request concerning a policy concerning committee meetings. Policy proposals require two readings for passage. Tonight’s discussion would be the first reading and the proposal would then be voted on in the March board meeting.


G.  Donations: Anonymous-$200 cash for meals for students/families in need; Western Fraternal Life-Lodge #71-Star of South Dakota-school supplies for Tabor Elementary

H.  Approve District Wide Elementary Principal Contract

            I.     Resignations - Accept resignations from Jen Mudder and Melissa Bruna for Elementary and Middle School/High                       School PBIS Coordinators, pending the finding of suitable replacements

J.    March Meeting Date – Scheduled for Monday, March 9th. Gary has a conflict on that date. We will need to                determine if the meeting should still be held on that date or pick an alternative date. (Suggested alternative date              (Wednesday March 11)


X.         EXECUTIVE SESSION (if necessary)