HEY SENIORS! Check out these Internet Sites with FREE Scholarship & Financial Aid Searches & Reliable Information. Never pay for a Scholarship Search!


If you need money for college, apply for scholarships! It is your responsibility to pick up applications and fill them out. Applying for scholarships is hard work and it takes dedication, persistence, and organization on your part. Mr. Thomas is always willing to help you but remember that he has other responsibilities in the school and isn’t always available. Plan ahead and make an appointment with him. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION – Whoever you ask for these, please give them at least one week’s notice, so they have time to prepare a good letter.


Remember the old adage “Lack of preparation on YOUR part does not necessitate an emergency on MY part”.


Need information concerning NCAA Division I and II and NAIA Athletic Scholarships? *Visit the NCAA Clearinghouse website or the NAIA website to get approved to participate in athletics. See Mr. Thomas for more information.


Make sure you are getting your applications sent in for the colleges of your choice. It is of the utmost importance to get those in early. If you are waiting for the results of your ACT testing....DON’T! Mark as “pending” on your application, but get them sent in as soon as possible. Programs in some of these schools fill up a year in advance, and then you find yourself playing the waiting game.


Most applications for these scholarships will be located in the Senior Corner on 3rd floor or they can be downloaded off the internet sites.






MABEL UKEN MEMORIAL – Must be a Springfield resident – Preference given to those going into the field of education – Minimum GPA of 3.20 – Essay – Application Deadline is 4/15/14


AGNES A. MAUS ESTATE SCHOLARSHIP – $500 – Must have been a resident of Bon Homme County for at least 10 years – Essay – Applications Due to Mr. Thomas by 4/15/14


FORT RANDALL TELEPHONE SCHOLARSHIP – $1,000 – Essay – Past or Present Community Service – Letter of Reference – Application Deadline is 4/15/14


GLENN & KATHRYN DUNCAN SCHOLARSHIP – Must be a Senior and an active member of the BHHS Wrestling Program – Minimum GPA of 2.50 – Must be planning to attend a post–secondary school/program – Essay – Applications Due to Mr. Thomas by 4/15/14


AMERICAN LEGION RAY “BUD” SMITH SCHOLARSHIP – Must be a descendant of living or deceased member of Dwight Wood Post #132 – 2 Letters of Recommendation – If no descendent of a Dwight Wood member is available, the scholarship may be awarded to a descendent of another American Legion Post member in Bon Homme County – Application Deadline is 4/15/14


KELLEY SCHOLARSHIP – $500 Book Scholarship – Based on future plans in business and business classes taken in high school – Preference given to students who have taken or are currently taking two or more of the following courses: Business Law, Business Math, Word Processing, or Accounting – Essay – Application Deadline is 4/25/14


JUNE V. CLARK SCHOLARSHIP – $1,500 – Must be a Bon Homme High School Senior who ranks academically in the top 10% of graduating class – Applications Due to Mr. Thomas by 4/30/14


NORM & BONNIE LEHESKA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – $500 – Must be active member of St. Leo Catholic Church in Tyndall – Essay – 3 Letters of Recommendation – Application Deadline is 4/30/14




JAMES W. FLEVARES SCHOLARSHIP – Minimum GPA of 3.20 – Must have 4 years of band &/or chorus – Must have 2 years beyond those required by the Board of Regents in Math, Science, English, or Social Studies – Must have been involved in both sports and fine arts – Applications Due to Mr. Thomas by 5/5/14


AVERA HEALTH LEADERS SCHOLARSHIP – Must be an Avera employee of or a child of an Avera employee – Minimal GPA of 2.50 – Essay – 4 Letters of Recommendation – Applications must be downloaded from their website: Deadline is 5/9/14


STULC–BERNDT SCHOLARSHIP – Must be an active member of St. Leo’s Parish in Tyndall – Must attend a post–secondary institution of higher learning – Members of families with ag backgrounds are encouraged to apply – Application Deadline is 5/30/14


HORTON MACHINE TOOL TECHNOLOGY SCHOLARSHIP – Each scholarship can be worth up to $3,500 – Geared toward deserving students willing to enroll in a Machine Tool Technology related curriculum (or equivalent training to pursue a machining career) – 2 Letters of Recommendation – Short Essay – Minimum GPA of 2.5 – must plan to obtain a two year degree/diploma in a machine tool related field – Application Deadline is 5/31/14




FIRST SAVINGS BANK RHETT HIRTH MEMORIAL LIVING THE DREAM SCHOLARSHIP – Essay on “Living The Dream” – Minimum GPA of 2.5 – Application Deadline is 6/13/14


AUTOMOTIVE HALL OF FAME SCHOLARSHIP – Must be interested in pursuing a career in the automotive field – 2 Letters of Recommendation – Letter of Acceptance for the college/tech school of your choice – minimum GPA of 3.0 – Download Application @ Accepted from 2/1/14 through 6/30/14


SOUTH DAKOTA GOLF ASSOCIATION JUNIOR GOLF FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP – 6 – $1,500 Scholarships being awarded – Must have lived in SD for the last 2 years – Must plan to attend a 4 year post–secondary school – Must provide history on your golf participation & accomplishments & indicate future plans in golf – Download @


SOUTH DAKOTA OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP – Must complete the high school course requirements (see the website) with no final grade below a “C” – Cumulative GPA of 3.0 – Composite ACT Score of 24 or higher – Download from the website – Submit Application as soon as possible after Graduation, but no later than September 1 for fall enrollment.