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Bon Homme School District

Donation Form

At times during the year an organization or individuals want to donate materials, supplies, or money to a specific organization or activity that is associated with the Bon Homme School District. The generosity of these donors is much appreciated. To accept these donations for the Bon Homme School District and to give the donor the proper recognition, all donations need to be accepted by the Bon Homme School Board. Please fill out this form with the needed information and return to your principal or activities director so it can be signed and forwarded to the Superintendent’s Office.


Date of Donation   _______________

Name of the Donor   ____________________________________________________________

What was Donated   ____________________________________________________________

Value of the Donation   ____________________

Group, Activity, or Sport for which donation is intended   ______________________________


Signature of Person accepting Donation   ___________________________________________

Elementary Principal or Activities Director   __________________________________________

Superintendent/Secondary Principal   ______________________________________________

Date that Donation was accepted by the School Board   _______________


_____Recognized Donation

_____Anonymous Donation