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Oral Interp

Regionals Photos


Mrs. Haar: Instructor
Courtney Eddy: (Duet and Readers Theatre)
Jacob Olsen: (Storytelling)
Tyler Kaul: (Humorous)
Sam Burgi: (Serious and Readers Theatre)
Danielle Johnson: (Poetry, Duet, and Readers Theatre)
Heidi Hassing: (Readers Theatre)
Veronica Sanders: (Oratory)
Paige Schuurmans: ( Poetry)
Erika Bruna: (Humorous)
Rose Cooper: (Storytelling)
Brittany Karge: (Serious and Duet)
Brittany Price: (Serious)
Elita Eastman: (Serious)

Participant Pieces


Veronica Sanders - I Got 99 Problems...Palsy is Just One by Mayson Zayid


Danielle Johnson - Selections from Spoon River Anthology

Paige Schuurmans - Dive by Andrea Gibson


Samantha Burgi - Mississippi Mirror by Alan Haehnel

Elita Eastman - Post-Mortem by Deborah Karczewski

Brittany Karge - 368 Friends by Bradley Walton

Brittany Price - Organ Donor by Deborah Karcezwski


Erika Bruna - Madhouse by Shirley Barrie

Elia Eastman - The Revenge of the Rainbow Sheep by Bradley Walton

Tyler Kaul - Al Literation, Private Eye by Forrest Musselman


Amber Brewer - The Legend of Wolf Boy, Kiowa Legend

Rose Cooper-Hoebelheinrich - How the Rainbow Was Made by S.E Schlosser

Jessica Nestor - Ableegumooch, The Lazy Rabbit

Jacob Olson - Fire, A retelling by S.E Schlosser


Courtney Eddy and Danielle Johnson - Grocery Shopping at the Hardware Store by Bradley Walton

Jessica Nestor and Brittany Karge - Black Market Arts by David J. LeMaster

Readers Theatre

Samantha Burgi, Courtney Eddy, Danielle Johnson, and Heidi Hassing - A Dream Meeting, An original work by Heidi Hassing