2011-2012 Students of the Month

High School Student of the Month


Loren Pinkelman


Parents: Lonnie & Lisa

Hobbies: Golf, Hunting & Fishing, Riding Bike

Activities: Choir, Football Manager, Basketball Manager & Golf


Loren’s nomination’s form read:

I would like to nominate Loren Pinkelman for student of the month. Loren is just a wonderful, upbeat kid. Loren has been actively involved in BHHS sports as a manager these past four years and served that position well. He is always positive and helpful and looks for ways to help the coaches and the team. In classes, Loren works hard, as well. He is diligent with his studies and is always working above and beyond the what is expected.

Middle School Student of the Month


Kaleb Crownover


Parents: Todd & Candice

Hobbies: Reading, Draw &Hunting

Activities: Wrestling, Baseball & Football


Kaleb’s nomination form read:

I would like to nominate Kaleb for student of the month. Kaleb is a wonderful student. He is always upbeat and easy going. He has been a wonderful addition to the middle school. 


High School Student of the Month


Caitlin McLouth


Parents: Kevin & Genise

Hobbies: Club Volleyball, Listen to Music

Activities: Volleyball, Track, Band, Jazz Band & Softball


Caitlin’s nomination’s form read:

Caitlin is a joy to have in class. She has a great sense of humor and never complains about the assignments. She is helpful and patient with other students. Caitlin is a hard worker and always tries to do her best.


Middle School Student of the Month


Michelle Sestak

Parents: Dan & Lisa

Hobbies: Camping, Hiking & Reading 

Activities: Basketball, Track, Volleyball, 4-H & Band


Michelle’s nomination form read:

I would like to nominate Michelle for the January student of the month. She is very respectful and polite young lady. She works hard to be the best student she can be.


High School Student of the Month


Sarah Burbach


Parents: Floyd & Julie Burbach

Hobbies: Reading, Socializing with Friends

Activities: National Honor Society, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & FCA


Sarah’s nomination’s form read:

Sarah is attentive and works hard in my classes. She is very interested in learning the material that is presented and is willing to help others in class if called to do so. She is quiet, courteous, and a great leader.


Middle School Student of the Month


Annie Hoerth


Parents: Lee & Charlene

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing & crochet

Activities: Choir & Volleyball,


Annie’s nomination form read:

Annie is polite, studious, and ready to answer questions when called upon. She works very hard to get assignments finished and complete according to the schedule. In addition, her efforts in extracurricular activities with VB & performing in the Variety Show, reflect her willingness to work in all areas of school life. Her efforts are certainly worthy of recognition.


High School Student of the Month


Jennifer Sip


Jen Sip - 2 nominations :

- Jen  does a good job with her studies and has a great work ethic. She is kind, friendly, and helpful to those around her regardless of their popularity. Her smile is infectious, and she can always be counted on to do her best.

 - Jennifer is a fun, bouncy young lady with a smile most of the time. She has a great personality that adds humor and helps break up the day. I have also found Jennifer to be extremely helpful. She has volunteered to do extra duties to help out her classmates and is just a responsible young woman. I feel that her qualities of "fun", responsibility, and respectfulness seem to embody the whole idea of Student of the Month 


Middle School Student of the Month


Anna Heusinkveld


Anna Heusinkveld - Anna is a pleasant young lady that seems to be always prepared. She works well with her classmates and is involved in several activities at BHMS. In addition, she does not seem to be "pressured" into doing things that she does not want to do. I feel Anna to be a worthy candidate for student of the Month.



High School Student of the Month


Selena Davis


Selena has worked very hard. She’s developed a bright and positive attitude toward life. She works hard in her classes, and wants very much to ‘get it right.’ She’s honest and trustworthy. Selena is such a warm hearted young lady and she wears her heart on her shirt sleeve. 



Middle School Student of the Month


Alan Haataja


Alan is an extremely polite and respectful student. He is always pleasant to his fellow students. He works hard in all that he does and strives to do his best. I believe Alan has the type of character we would like to see in all of our students.





High School Student of the Month


Charlie Bentzen


Parents: John & Jan Bentzen

Hobbies: Studying, Reading, Video Games,

Activities: Football, Basketball, Student Council, Track, NHS


Charlie’s nomination form read:

He’s Charlie. He’s bright, helpful, courteous, and he has a positive attitude.


Middle School Student of the Month


Wesley Genant


Parents: Jody & Jennifer Genant

Hobbies: Hunting, Reading, Farming

Activities: Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Band


Wesley’s nomination form read:

Wesley is very polite to adults and other students. He works diligently and takes his time to do the best he can. He is complimentary to others and helps them out also.


2010-2011 Students of the Month

High School Student of the Month


Scott Van Winkle


Parents: Randy & Lisa Weier

Hobbies: Weightlifting, sports, Hanging out with Friends

Activities: Football, Track, Basketball, National Honor Society, FFA, 4-H


Jared’s nomination form read:

Jared, in my opinion, is one of the most polite and attentive students I have experienced this year. While I have only had him in class for one semester, he has consistently been one of the top students, grade wise, in the class. When gone for athletic events, Jared has always gotten his work done in advance and turned in excellent work. I believe he is very deserving of the Student of the Month Award for April.


Middle School Student of the Month


Elizabeth Mitzel


Parents: Ed & Kate Mitzel

Hobbies: Hunting, Drawing, Dog Training, Reading, Baking

Activities: Volleyball, Wrestling Manager, 4-H, Softball


Elizabeth’s nomination form read:

Bitzy is a great student in class, respectful of others, and helpful also. She works diligently to do her best. She is always cheerful in class.


High School Student of the Month


Brittany Tycz


Parents: Dennis & Cindy Tycz

Hobbies: Camping, Horseback riding

Activities: Volleyball, National Honor Society, Jazz Band, One Act Play, Spring Play, 4-H


Brittany’s nomination form read:

Brittany is an outstanding student in so many ways. This young lady throws her energy and ability into everything she does. She is thoughtful, cheerful, dependable, honest, cooperative, and courteous. Brittany has contributed to a variety of things in a positive way. From classroom participation and preparation, to the quality of work she produces, to the numerous activities she takes on, Brittany is exemplary. She deserves this recognition.


Middle School Student of the Month


Hunter Young


Parents: Jackie Young & Kelly Young

Hobbies: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball


Hunter’s nomination form read:

Hunter is well behaved and works hard to get his homework completed and turned in on time with accuracy and high quality. He is attentive and completes the assignment with little or no supervision.


High School Student of the Month


Shelby Jelsma


Parents: Darrell & Karen Jelsma

Hobbies: Reading, Hanging out with friends and family 

Activities: Volleyball, Student Council, National Honor Society, Football Stat, Quiz Bowl


Shelby’s nomination form read:

Shelby is very active at BHHS and is always willing to go the extra mile. Shelby is always a positive example for others to follow.


Middle School Student of the Month


Kade Hellmann


Parents: Ben & Sara Hellmann

Hobbies: Showing Cattle and Reading

Activities: Band, Choir, 4-H


Kades’s nomination form read:

Kade - is always helpful in class and advisory. He has good ideas and is very concerned about fairness to all. He has a kind heart and is a good friend. You can trust that he will get his work done at a high level, and he is great at making sure everyone in a group feels included and also does their part.


High School Student of the Month


Taylor Van Gerpen


Parents: Jeff & Betty Van Gerpen

Hobbies: Bake, spend time with family and hang out with friends

Activities: Band, Student Council, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl


Taylors’s nomination form read:

Taylor combines her academic ability with a strong work ethic making her a very successful student. She does not procrastinate completing her homework assignments or projects. She is a student leader and has been active in Student Council for all four years of high school and was chosen for NHS membership as a sophomore. She is enthusiastic about projects on Student Council and one of the most dependable and organized members I have ever had. She is also dedicated and acts unselfishly when it comes to working on projects. It doesn’t matter to her who gets the credit; she just works hard for the benefit of all. Although she may seem shy at times, she has a wonderful personality which includes excellent manners, strong morals, a sense of humor, and a sense of responsibility.


Middle School Student of the Month


Allison Slykhuis


Parents: Allan & Patty

Hobbies: Hanging out with Friends, playing sports

Activities: Softball, Track, Volleyball, Choir


Allison’s nomination form read:

Allison works very hard, gives best effort, pleasant to be around, helps others around her, listens in class, and participates in discussions. Really cares about trying to do a good job.


High School Student of the Month


Shandra Stillion


Parents: Leslie Stillion

Hobbies: Singing, Reading, Writing, Playing Video Games, Playing Music 

Activities: Band, Choir, Oral Interp


Shandra’s Nomination form read:

Shandra works very hard and has a goal of becoming a teacher. She helps those around her in studying for tests and is an active learner in class often prompting class discussions. She is not afraid to say she doesn't understand something and will come in later to figure it out.


Middle School Student of the Month


Kelsey Hovorka


Parents: Dave & Vicki Hovorka

Hobbies: Playing sports, Read, Cook

Activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Softball, Choir


Kelsey’s Nomination form read:

Kelsey is polite, studious, and ready to answer questions when called upon. She works very hard to get assignments finished and complete according to the schedule. In addition, her efforts in extracurricular activities are extraordinary. Her efforts are certainly worthy of recognition.


High School Student of the Month


Karlee Kozak


Parents: Brian & Janelle Kozak

Hobbies: Hunting, Ride Snowmobile, Play Wii

Activities: Basketball, Softball, Band, Student Council, Track, FFA


Karlee’s Nomination form read:

Karlee is a well rounded student. Karlee gets along with teachers and students alike!


Middle School Student of the Month


Maddison Hajek


Parents: Cary & Dorothy Hajek

Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Hanging out with Friends, Taking Walks.

Activities: Volleyball, Cross Country, Track, Swim Team, Dance, Band


Maddison’s Nomination form read:

Maddison is a super student, works hard, and never complains about what life deals out.


High School Student of the Month


Ashley Holec


Parents: Robin & Diane Holec

Hobbies: Hang out with friends, Watching Movies, Read

Activities: Volleyball, Band, NHS, Student Council


Ashley’s Nomination form read:

Ashley Holec is a positive young lady. She has a wonderful personality and a good sense of humor making her a pleasant person to be around. I have also found her to work hard and not let groups down. If she makes a commitment, she keeps it. Ashley generally has a smile on her face for the whole human race and that makes her a prime candidate for Student of the Month.


Middle School Student of the Month


Nick Jelsma


Parents: Ivan & Debra Jelsma

Hobbies: Video Games, Read, Swimming, Working on the Farm

Activities: Football & Band


Nick’s Nomination form read:

Nick is a very dependable young man. Dependable, loyal, and trustworthy are the 3 words that I would use to describe this young man. Nick will give his all for the groups that he is involved with, because he is a team player and doesn’t want to let anyone down. I also find him to be levelheaded and pleasant to his classmates.


High School Student of the Month


Jamie Efta


Parents: Vince & Marsha Efta

Hobbies: Friends, Listening to music, messing around outside

Activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Student Council, Softball, Swim Team


Jamie’s Nomination form read:

Jamie works hard and she is fun to have in class! Jamie was also very instrumental in the planning and execution of many of the homecoming activities.

Middle School Student of the Month


Veronica Sanders


Parents: Doug & Jessica Sanders

Hobbies: Read, Watch TV, Play Wii

Activities: Band, Volleyball, Softball, Track


Veronica’s Nomination form read:

Veronica is an excellent student with a super positive attitude. She has shown her school spirit and leadership skills by working hard, and encouraging her peers to participate with homecoming activities during Advisory. She has been a good role model by her willingness to work hard on her school assignments and by going out of her way to be helpful and kind to others.

2009-2010 Students of the Month


Parents: Bernie & Tania Kostal

Hobbies: Camping, Kneeboarding, Babysitting

Activities: Band, Volleyball, Track, Softball  

Mariah’s Nomination form read:

I am nominating Mariah for the MS Student of the Month because I feel that she is a good all around person. She is a leader in the classroom; always willing to help those around her. She is also someone to look up to outside the classroom. She participates in athletics while keeping her grades up and volunteers for duties if needed. When presented with a difficult situation, Mariah handles it with dignity and grace. Mariah deserves some recognition for her marvelous attitude and great leadership!



Parents: Kyle & Jodi Roberson

Hobbies: Reading, Hanging out with Friends

Activities: Band, Track, Basketball, Cross Country, Student Council 

Emily’s Nomination form read:

Emily is a hardworking student that excels academically. She is a great student to work with, because she takes direction very well. She always (almost) has a smile on her face. She is involved with many activities including band, where she has excelled as a soloist, in jazz band, and by auditioning into special groups such as all state jazz band.


Parents:  Nick and LeAnn Kniffen

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Riding Bike

Activities: Football, Choir

Mason’s Nomination form read :

Mason is a very quiet, respectful student in an otherwise noisy group of students. He follows directions well and works very hard even though it may be difficult for him. Even though he is quiet, he still is friendly with everyone. When he gets good grades he is modest about it and doesn't show off to the other students.


  Parents: Steve and Lori Smith

Hobbies: Hang out with friends, Play the Wii, Swim

Activities:  Art, Softball, FB Manager

Chelsea’s Nomination form read:

Chelsea is a hard worker and a big help to other students. She is generous with praise to others. She goes above what is asked of her in class, is timely on her projects, and even finds time to do extra work. Her work is done with meticulous precision. She is cheerful and enjoyable in the classroom.







Parents:  Ed and Kate Mitzel

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Hunting

Activities: Band, Volleyball, Basketball Manager  

Elizabeth’s Nomination form read :  

Elizabeth is a great student, and an even better person. She is fun to have in class and does a great job all of the time.



Parents: Jim and Robin Garness

Hobbies: Listening to music, Hanging out with friends, Reading

Activities: Choir

Alexandra’s Nomination form read:

Alex is my school-to-work student 1st and 7th period. She is self- motivated, positive, and upbeat. Alex shared with me that her goal is to become a music teacher when she graduates and she is already taking independent steps to achieve this. Alex has volunteered her time to work with the kids, perform for and with the students in my middle school classes, assist with technology in the classroom, organize music, and complete an independent study to increase her piano skills.                                                      

Alex took it upon herself to attend our last middle school concert, the mid-winter concert, as she was able to assist me with the preparations for this concert during our daytime classes. She wanted to be there because she was genuinely excited about the middle school kids’ performance. She assisted students with costumes and helped supervise them before and during our performance. Alex’s level of consciousness and enthusiasm are to be commended as I see her handle personal situations with this same amount of maturity and enthusiasm.









Parents:  Ken and Vicky Carda

Hobbies: Reading, Playing with my dog, drawing

Activities: Band and Basketball  

Allison’s Nomination form read: (2 Nominations)

Allison is always cheerful and on time for class. She works hard, always tries her best and turns work in on time. She is great with other students in that she gives out compliments and offers them help if they need it. She is very respectful to adults and other students, and she follows directions in the classroom well.



Parents: Mike and Anita Kloucek

Hobbies: Sports, Hunting, Lifting Weights

Activities: Football, Wrestling, and Band

Wes’s Nomination form read: (2 Nominations)

He is a good student, but most of all he is a gentleman. That is something very rare in today's teenage population.

Super kid works hard, great role model for underclassmen.



Parents:  Rich and Krista Sutera

Hobbies: Hunt, basketball, hangout with friends

Activities: Cross Country, Volleyball, Track, Basketball, Band, Choir  

Kelsey’s nomination form read : (2 Nominations)

1st Nomination - Kelsey always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is very dependable and is respectful of her classmates. 

2nd Nomination - Kelsey works very hard to maintain and improve her grade and the work that she does in class. While others might be satisfied with average, she strives to turn in the best work possible.



Parents: Gary and June


Activities: Football, Basketball, and Track

Michael’s Nomination form read: (2 Nominations)

1st Nomination - He improves the atmosphere of a room by entering.

2nd Nomination - Michael works hard and is very attentive to his work. He maintains a high GPA. He is what we would like to see in all of our students.



Parents: Lonnie and Lori Pinkelman

Hobbies: Piano, reading, being outside

Activities: Golf, Choir

Christine’s Nomination form read: Besides being a hard worker and valuable asset in the classroom, Christine is a valuable resource to her peers. She works hard and is the first to help someone if they need it. She is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of her academically, and socially. Often, when you meet her in the hallway, you can expect a smile and warm “hello”. Christine has a positive attitude and a shining personality. Christine is a good choice because all-in-all, she’s a good kid.








Parents: Floyd and Julie Burbach

Hobbies: Farming and Hunting

Activities: FFA

Cody’s Nomination form read: Cody has the kind of personality I would like to see in many of our students. He is always willing and works very hard to do his best at whatever he does. Cody is also an active part of his community and school.



Parents: Billy and Michelle Kaul.

Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing.

Activities: Music, Wrestling, Football, Baseball.

Austin’s Nomination form read: Austin has a positive attitude in the classroom and is always willing to help other students learn who are having difficulties with the content. He also has a great work ethic.



Parents: Dan and Robin Sparks.

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends.

Activities: FFA, Student Council, Yearbook, Dance Camp, Softball.

Tessa’s Nomination form read: I’d like to  nominate Tessa Sparks. She is not only the Homecoming Queen but she has really encouraged students all week to have school spirit. She has been the backbone of the group of students that got all of the homecoming activities accomplished. On top of that she did a great job with the little Princess and Prince and was just a fantastic representative for our school. She works at the school. She works at the Good Samaritan Home in Tyndall, she is also dedicated to her school work and works hard to do well in my classroom. She was there all last week whenever work needed to be done. There is a reason the kids picked her for queen and she gets my vote for the September student of the month.