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Springfield Elementary Daily Announcements

                                                               JANUARY 2021! 

WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                               

21st – Week of School 

January  21, 2021   

   SPRINGFIELD ELEMENTARY CALENDAR OF EVENTS:                                   

     *        01/22        Fri.        No school 

*        01/29        Fri.        Tutor AM

*        02/01        Mon.      County Health Nurse will be in Springfield to do the health screenings of K-5th grades in the AM.

*        02/02        Tues.    Groundhog Day!

*        02/05        Fri.        No School today

                                        * PD for all all staff-making up for bad weather on Jan. 15th.

*        02/12        Fri.        Tutor in the AM     

*        02/14        Sun.        St. Valentine's Day

*        02/15        Mon.        Yes, we have school today!    President's Day

PARENTS:   Please make sure your child has a COAT, gloves, hats, snow gear and snow boots so they will be able to go outside at recess time.

**Parents as of the school board meeting Monday night...the mask mandate will stay in effect and will be discussed on a month by month basis. Please keep your child's mask washed frequently for their safety!  And please make sure they have their mask with them before leaving home in the mornings so they have it on upon entering the school building each morning.  Thanks.

 PBIS Goal:    Getting very close to our 3rd goal.....

When they reach 300 tickets they will get to have a SCIENCE day at school!       (285 now)

1.       Hot cocoa, popcorn and a movie was enjoyed in their classrooms. 

2.       PJ day was enjoyed this last Thursday by all students and teachers.

Week 20 Winners: Kg-Hayden Kracht, 1st-Brinley Polk, 2nd-Olivia Adler, 3rd-Kyson Hedlund, 4th-Charlie Cooper, and 

                                5th-Levi Boyd.

***Mr. Duffek will be in his Springfield office most Monday afternoons and/or Thursday mornings or afternoons.  If you would like to talk or meet with him please call 369-2282 and we can schedule a time that works best for you. 



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