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HS/MS Daily Announcements

 Bon Homme High School and Middle School


January 14, 2021

DID YOU KNOW?.....Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person.

The smarter the person is, the more selective they become.



MS-2              HS-5             










FOUND – Anything listed here can be seen on the table outside the Principal’s office  (except electronic items and some jewelry – inquire in the office).

Ceramic coffee cup, blender bottle



1/14 – Dismiss the JH BBB team @ 2:40 for their games in Wagner.


SOPHOMORE CONCESSION WORKERS – If you cannot work the event for which you signed up, it is up to you to find a sub and to let Mrs. McAllister know.

1/14 – Workers are Landon Smith & Paityn Radack – Be there by 4:45pm.

1/19 – Workers are Emma Pruss and Caden Himes – Be there by 5:45pm.

1/26 – Workers are Rylynn Wickstrom & Reagan Johnston – Be there by 4:45pm.


THE ONE-ACT PLAY IS STILL LOOKING FOR 10-15 NON-SPEAKING ROLES TO JOIN OUR CAST!! – Please see Mrs. Humpal if interested.  Additionally, if you are interested in helping with Tech for the show, please see Mrs. Humpal ASAP.


GIRLS STATE – Any Junior girl interested in applying to go to Girls State should contact one of the following American Legion Auxiliary members:

Tabor – Jean Hunhoff 665-1463

Tyndall – Cindy Sanders 589-3228

Springfield – Ethel Cooper 369-5510

Due to Covid, there will not be a class presentation this year.


BOYS STATE – Any JUNIOR OR SENIOR BOY interested in going to Boys State should contact Jerry Hofmann at 464-9985. If interested, please contact him before March 1.   Due to Covid, there will not be a class presentation this year.


BON HOMME WRESTLING SHIRTS – Order forms are in the secretary offices throughout the district - Short and long sleeve t-shirts in regular or dri-fit, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies –

Available in both youth and adult sizes – Orders and payments must be turned in to the offices by January 13th!


JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL PLAYERS – Get your uniforms turned in to Coach Jensen ASAP!


ANY 6TH GRADE GIRLS BASKETBALL PLAYER interested in playing in a tournament on January 23rd, please let Coach Jensen know.


ALL STUDENTS:  Each and every student in the HS/MS is issued a locker and a lock to use on that locker.  Many of you choose NOT to use these.  You need to know that should anything go missing from your locker, you will be held financially responsible for the replacement cost of items such as text books, computers, chargers and any other school owned items.  With text books running anywhere from $60-$120 each and computers that cost $900, we hope you will reconsider using the locks on your lockers.


ALL STUDENTS – Prior to the 8:05am bell, all students MUST remain in either the main gym for the high school or the auxiliary gym for the middle school until dismissed by a supervisor.  You are not permitted to go to your lockers until that point.  This includes all student athletes.  You are not to go to your lockers prior to being dismissed. 


JUNIORS AND SENIORS- COLLEGE VISITS– If you are planning a visit to a college, there is paperwork to be done in advance.  You must follow these directions in order for it to count as a “College Day” and for the absence to be exempt.

·          Juniors and Seniors each get one day per year for a visit.  In special cases an extra day may be granted for travel.

·          You must get a “College Visit Request Form” from the office or from Mrs. Stewart.

·          Complete the form and turn in to Mrs. Melichar IN ADVANCE.

·          You can set up the visit yourself or you can ask Mrs. Stewart to help you with that.

·          You MUST actually go to the college, university or tech school.

·          You must bring back a signature from the institution, dated and signed, stating you were there.  You must turn this in to Mrs. Melichar within two weeks of the visit in order for her to exempt the absence.


STUDENT ATHLETES/CLUB MEMBERS – If you have to leave for a team or club event during the school day, remember to pick up a “BH Activity Absentee Form” from the office if you will be missing an entire class period.  These forms must be signed by the teacher of the class(es) you’ll be missing and turned in to the office IN ADVANCE of your leaving.


STUDENTS – No food is to be taken out of the cafeteria.



1.      What’s the baseball term for a home run hit with three runners on base?

2.      What state measures 50 miles at its longest and 35 miles at its widest points?

3.      Can porcupines “shoot” their quills?

4.      What is a “whodunit”?

5.      What is pottery called before it’s fired in a kiln – clayware, greenware or stoneware?



1.      Grand Slam

2.      Rhode Island

3.      No

4.      A murder mystery

5.      Greenware




1/14 – JH BBB @ Wagner – 4:00pm

                        Basketball Double Header – BHHS hosting Freeman – 5:00pm

1/15 – Professional Development Day

1/16 – WR @ Tri-Valley – 10:00am

                        JH WR @ Huron – 9:30am

                        GYM @ Madison – 12:00pm

                        Basketball Double Header @ Chamberlain – 2:15pm

1/18 – GBB @ Emery – 6:15pm

1/19 – JH BBB hosting Tripp/Delmont/Armour – 4:00pm

                        BBB hosting Tripp/Delmont/Armour – 6:15pm

                        WR @ Parkston – 6:30pm

1/21 – Basketball Double Header @ Parkston – 5:00pm

1/22 – Unscheduled Day

                        GYM @ Wagner – 6:00pm

1/23 – WR @ Winner – 10:30am

                        Youth Girls Basketball Tourney

1/24 – Youth Wrestling Dual Tourney – 10:00am

                        One-Act Play Public Performance  @ Springfield Gym – 2:00pm

1/26 – Region One-Act Play Contest @ MMC

                        JH BBB @ Avon – 4:00pm

                        Basketball Double Header – BHHS hosting Kimball-White Lake – 5:00pm

1/28 – Basketball Double Header @ Andes Central – 5:00pm

                        JH BBB @ Andes Central – 4:00pm

                        GYM @ Wagner – 6:00pm

1/29 – Tutor Day

1/30 – JH BBB hosting Invite

                        WR @ Wagner – 10:00am

2/1 – Basketball Double Header – BHHS hosting Gregory – 6:15pm

2/2 – JH BBB hosting Corsica/Stickney – 5:15pm

                        WR @ Burke – 6:30pm





If you plan on entering the teaching profession, check out the SDEA website for multiple scholarship opportunities https://www.sdea.org/why-join-the-sdea/grants-scholarships




SDES/NSPE SCHOLARSHIPS - Are you considering a career in Engineering?  If so and if you are enrolling in the Engineering Program at SDSU or SD School of Mines & Technology, check out the $2000 scholarships being offered by the Eastern Chapter of the SD Engineering Society and the National Society of Professional Engineers – To see if you qualify and to download an application, go to www.SDES.org  - Click on the Student Information and Scholarship tab.  Deadline is 01/16/21



DAKOTA CORP SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship encourages SD high school grads to remain in the state upon completion of their education and to contribute to the state of SD by working in a critical need occupation – The intent is that the recipients do not pay anything towards tuition and generally applicable fees – Minimum GPA of 2.80 – ACT composite score of 27 or higher –Must agree in writing to stay in SD and work in a critical need occupation after graduation or as many years as was received, plus one year – Current critical need occupations are:  HS Teacher in Math or Science, Elementary or Secondary Special Education, HS Career & Technical Education, K-12 Foreign Language, Secondary Language Arts, Accounting/Auditor, Engineer, Information Technology, Registered Nurse -  Applications must be postmarked by 02/01/21 – Apps can be downloaded from the following site or can be located outside the office – www.sdbor.edu/dakotacorps/Pages/welcome.aspx

BON HOMME YANKTON ELECTRIC SCHOLARSHIP – Two $500 scholarships – Must be a dependent of an active BY Electric member – Must have and ACT or SAT score – Short essay – letter of reference - https://byelectric.coop/scholarships - Deadline is 02/12/21

GORDAN HORGEN SCHOLARSHIP – Four $750 scholarships – Open to Native American seniors who plan on going into the teaching profession - https://www.sdea.org/why-join-the-sdea/grants-scholarships - Deadline 02/15/21

RAMIA BOERSMA SCHOLARSHIP – Three $750 scholarships for student who are entering the teaching profession - https://www.sdea.org/why-join-the-sdea/grants-scholarships - Deadline is 02/15/21

*FOR STUDENT ATHLETES* - NIAAA SCHOLARSHIP – South Dakota will have one male and one female winner – Must have achieved at least 2 of the following:  Minimum of B+ average, Ranked in the top 25% of class or ACT score of 24 – Must have participated in two sports for at least two years in each sport – Must have earned at least one varsity letter in each of two sports – Essay – Letter of recommendation from our AD – Apps outside the office of download at https://members.niaaa.org/page/StudentScholarship - Deadline is 02/28/21



FIRST DAKOTA NATIONAL BANK SCHOLARSHIP –Scholarships up to $5000 to be awarded - Must have a First Dakota checking account – May open one with them if you don’t currently have one – Must plan to attend an accredited post-high school college, university, vocational tech school, community college or junior college on full time basis – Must provide confirmation of enrollment – Essay - https://www.firstdakota.com/personal/scholarship

BELLATOR TITANS MOTORCYCLE CLUB SCHOLARSHIP - $1500 – This scholarship goes to an applicant in need of financial assistance – Must be a SD resident going into their first year of post-secondary education in South Dakota – Essay – Letter of recommendation – Apps are outside of the office or can be downloaded from Mrs. Stewart’s webpage – Deadline is 03/13/21

2021 AMY P. TODD EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP - $500 – Must be pursuing no lower than a bachelor’s degree in the field of early, elementary or secondary education – GPA of 2.8 or higher – Essay – letter of recommendation – Apps located outside the Principal’s office – Deadline 03/15/21

YANKTON MEDICAL CLINIC SCHOLARSHIP – Five $1000 scholarships - Must pursue a major in the medical field – Minimum GPA of 3.4 – Minimum ACT of 25 – Three letters of reference – Essay – Apps are outside the office or go online at https://www.yanktonmedicalclinic.com/scholarships/   Deadline is 03/22/21

FDDC SCHOLARSHIP – Five $1000 scholarships to be awarded to students pursuing a post-secondary degree in a business/finance related field – GP A of 3.5 – Apps located outside the Principal’s office – Deadline 03/31/21

KARST MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Three $500 scholarships to be awarded – Must be furthering your education in an agricultural related field at either a four year college or a vocational college – Two letters of reference – Applications can be found at http://www.brookingsconservation.org/education_karst.htm    Deadline is 03/31/21

BUILD DAKOTA SCHOLARSHIPMutliple FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS to be awarded – This scholarship will support tuition, fees, books and other required program expenses in the eligible technical school programs – Participating schools are Southeast Tech, Western Dakota Tech, Mitchell Tech, Lake Area Tech – Recipients will commit to living and working in SD, in their field of study, for three years following graduation – The following high need fields of study have been approved for the 21-22 school year:  Agriculture, Automotive, Building Trades/Construction; Energy Technician, Healthcare, Information Technology/Computer Information Systems, Precision Manufacturing, Welding - https://www.builddakotascholarships.com/ - Deadline is 03/31/21

P.A.Y. SCHOLARSHIP – The Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce will award eight $3000 scholarships to area students who want to pursue post-secondary education in agricultural related fields – Apps outside the office or download at https://yanktonsd.com/agri-business#:~:text=The%20P.A.Y.,2021%20PAY%20Scholarship%20Packet%20here.  Deadline is 03/31/21



INEZ TAYLOR WALTER SCHOLARSHIP – Must plan on attending a SD or ND college/university in the field of nursing – Essay required – Apps outside the office – Deadline is 04/01/21

SD WEED FIGHTERS SCHOLARSHIP – $500 - Must be pursuing a post-secondary degree in Ag Production, Precision Farming, Agronomy, Entomology or Natural Resources in a South Dakota college, university or tech school – Apps located outside the office – Short essay - Deadline is 04/02/21

ISL MIDWEST SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP – Register now for a chance at one of ten $1000 awards – Visit www.IowaStudenLoan.org/ISLMidwest between January 11 and April 30 for official rules and to register



“B. DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP - $1000 – http://www.studentawardsearch.com – Deadline is 05/22/21