The Bon Homme #04-2 Public Schools Foundation was formed in June of 2004 after receiving approval from the Board of Education. This foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, charitable corporation dedicated to assisting with the education of children in the Bon Homme #04-2 Public School District. The mission statement of the foundation reads:

"The Bon Homme 4-2 Public Schools Foundation will provide financial assistance for educational programs, staff material

needs, and students in the Bon Homme #04-2 Public Schools."

Examples of expenditures will be, but not limited, supplemental classroom projects, building improvements, technology upgrades, co-curricular projects, student after school programs, and student scholarships. Requests for funding will be made to the Board of Directors in the form of mini-grant applications.


The Foundation is organized as a non-profit corporation, falling under the IRS rules governing 501(C)(3) organizations, thereby making all contributions to the Foundation 100% tax deductible to the donor. The Foundation has seven directors on the Board: Todd Crownover, Debbie Cahoy, Shelly Palsma, John Bentzen, Joann Dvoracek, Cheryl Halsey, and Dr. Scott Weber.


If you would like to donate to the Bon Homme #04-2 Public Schools Foundation, send your contributions to:


Bon Homme #04-2 Public Schools Foundation

PO Box 28

Tyndall, SD 57066


Be sure to include your name and address so a

receipt can be sent to you for tax purposes.


If you have any questions about donations and their purposes, please call

Dr. Bryce Knudson at the District Office: (605) 589-3388 Ext. 211


Thank You for Supporting Bon Homme School District #04-2

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