The following policies have been revised as we continue to work on updating Bon Homme #04-2 policies. All existing and revised policies are being posted to this website. These are also available in the District Office.






B                   Organization of Bon Homme School District #04-2 BDC                School Board Executive Sessions
BA                 Board Operational Goals BDDA             School Board Meeting Notification
BB                 School Board Legal Status BDDBA          Regular School Board Meetings
BBA              School Board Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities BDDC             Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BBAA           Board Member Authority BDDD             Quorum
BBB              School Board Elections BDDE             School Board Rules of Order
BBBA           Board Member Qualifications BDDEA          School Board Parliamentarian
BBBB           Board Member Oath of Office BDDF             Voting Method
BBC              Board Member Resignation/Removal from Office BDDG            School Board Minutes
BBD              Effective School Board Member BDDH            Public Participation at Board Meetings
BBE              Unexpired Term Fulfillment BF                   School Board Policy Development
BBF               School Board Member Ethics BFB                School Board Preliminary Development of Policies
BBFA            School Board Member Conflict of Interest BFC                School Board Policy Adoption
BBFAA         Personal Liability BFD                Policy Dissemination
BCA              Board Organizational Meeting BFE                 Administration in Policy Absence
BCB              Board Officers BFF                 Suspension of Policies
BCC              Business Manager BFG                School Board Policy Review and Evaluation
BCD              Administrative Operations BHA                New Board Member Orientation
BCE              Board Committees BHB                School Board Member Development Opportunities
BCF              Advisory Committees to the Board BHD                Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BCG             School Attorney BJ                    School Board Memberships
BD                School Board Meetings  




CBB          Superintendent
CC             Organizational Units and Structural Relationships
CCB          Line of Authority
CE             Councils, Cabinets, Committees
CH             Policy and Regulations System




DA             Fiscal Management DIDA          Capitalization
DBD          Budget Planning DIE              Periodic Audit
DBH          Budget Publication and Adoption DJ                Purchasing
DBK          Transfer of Funds between Categories Amendments DJBA           Trust & Agency Fund Guidelines
DC             Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations DJC              Capital Outlay
DFA           Investing DLB              Pre-Tax Deferrals-403(b), 457(b) and Salary Deductions
DFC           Grant Application and Acceptance DLC              Travel
DIB            Classification of Accounts and Types of Funds DM               Monies in School Buildings
DID            Inventories DN                Surplus/Sale/Disposal of Books, Equipment, Supplies




EB                Safety Program EEA             Student Transportation
EBB             Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures  EF                Food Service Program
EBCA          Bomb Threats EFA             Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs
EBCB          Disaster and Fire Drills EFB             School Lunch and Breakfast Finance
ECB             Operation and Maintenance of Plant EHAA          Computer Security Internet Safety Policy
EDD            Printing and Distribution of Agreements, Documents  






GA                  Personnel Goals GCBA                Salary Guides, Negotiated Agreements, and Payday Schedules
GAA               Orientation GCBD                Leaves and Absences
GBA               Equal Opportunity Employment/Nondiscrimination GCBDD             Military Leave of Absence
GBC               Staff Ethics GCBDE              Family and Medical Leave
GBCA            Code of Ethics GCBDE-R          Family and Medical Leave Federal Policy
GBE               Staff Health and Safety GCC                    Recruitment and Selection
GBEA            Worker's Compensation GCD                    Hiring Procedures
GBEAB          Worker's Compensation/Sick Leave GCDB                 Criminal Background Check of School Employees
GBEB             Employee Communicable Diseases GCE                     Substitute Teachers
GBEC             Drug Free Workplace GCFA                  Mentor Teacher
GBED             HIV/AIDS-Employees GCG                    Probation and Evaluation
GBG               Political Activity GCL                    Professional Growth
GBI                Gifts to School Personnel GCO                    Promotion/Demotion
GBK               Smoking on School Premises GCOA                 Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties
GBL               Personnel Records GCPD                 Separation and Suspension
GBM             Addressing Employee Concerns-Staff Complaints and Grievances GDA                   Classified Employees
GCA              Duties of Teachers GDAA                 Paraprofessionals
GCB              Contracts/Employment Agreements  




HJ          Guide for Negotiations and Impasse Procedures




IA                  Instructional Goals IGDBB          Student Activism
IC                  School Year/School Calendar IGDC            Dances and Parties
ICA                Inclement Weather IGDCC          Sportsmanship
ID                   School Day IGDD             Interscholastic Competitive Sports/Activities
IE                   Organizational Plan IGDDA          Participation of Alternative Instruction Students
IF                   Curriculum IGDE             Contests for Students
IFB                 Pilot Projects IGDF             Student Fundraising Activities
IFD                 Curriculum Review Cycle IGDH            Equal Access
IGA                 Objectives of the Instructional Program IGE               Adult Education
IGAA              Citizenship Education IGGA            Student Activity Travel/Meal Allowances
IGAB              Human Relations Education (Moral/Character Instruction) IIBA              Teacher Assistants/Para-Professionals
IGAC              Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs IIBE              Instructional Television
IGAE              Controversial Issues IIBG             Internet and Computer Lab Use Policy
IGAG              Teaching About Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol IIC                Community Instructional Resources
IGAH              Family Life/Sex Education IICA              Field Trips and Community Service
IGBA              Programs for Children with Disabilities IICC              School Volunteers
IGBB              Contingency Plan for Handicapped Accessibility IJ                   Guidance Program
IGC                 Extended Instructional Programs IK                  Academic Achievement and Progress
IGCA              Summer School IKA               Examination and Grading
IGCB              Travel and Exchange Programs IKAA            Transfer Students
IGCC              Special Education Student Participation in Graduation Exercises IKAB            Student Progress Reports to Parents
IGCD              Dual Credit IKB               Homework
IGCE              Summer Athletic Camps IKD               Honor Roll
IGCF               Preschool Programs IKE               Promotion and Retention
IGD                Co Curricular and Extracurricular Activities IKF               Graduation Requirements
IGDA             Organizations IM                Evaluation of Instructional Programs
IGDB             Student Publications INDA           Patriotic Exercises/Flag Display




JA                   Student Goals JFCF               Hazing
JB                   Equal Educational Opportunities JFCJ               Dangerous Weapons in School
JC                   School Attendance Areas JFCJA            Threat or Hoax – Personal, Terroristic
JEA                Compulsory Attendance Ages/Truancy JFH                 Student Grievance
JEC                School Admissions JG                   Conduct in Halls, Study Hall and Classrooms-Student Discipline
JECAA          Admission of New Residents and Students from Unaccredited Schools JGA                Prohibition of Corporal Punishment
JECBA          Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students JH                   Youth Experiencing Homelessness
JECC             Bus Rules JHA                Wellness Policy
JECCA          Admission of Out-of-State Students JHCA             Health Examinations and Inoculations
JED               Student Absences and Excuses JHCAB          Insurance and Student Injuries
JEDA            Truancy JHCB             HIV/AIDS-Students
JFA               Student Due Process Rights JHCC             Student Communicable Diseases
JFAA            Search and Seizure JHCD             Administration of Medication
JFB               Open Enrollment

JHD                Psychological Services

JFC               Student Conduct JHFA              Instructional Arrangements and Student Supervision
JFCA            Dress Code JHFC              Book Bags/Back Packs
JFCB            Graffiti JHFD              Automobile Rules
JFCD            Cyber Bullying JHG                Child Abuse/Neglect
JFCE             Bully Prevention JO                   Student Records
JFCEA          Harassment JOA                Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
JFCEB          Sexual Harassment JOB                Student Handbooks




K                   School Community Relations KHA            Uncollected Accounts Receivable
KA                Communication with the Public KHAB          Credit Cards
KBA             Public’s Right to Know KI                 Soliciting and Selling
KBAA          Access to School Procedures and Materials KK               Visits to the Schools
KBB             Publication or Creation of Materials KL                Complaints from the Public
KG                Use of School Facilities KLA             Federal Programs Grievance Policy
KGA             Open Gym KLB             Instructional Materials Complaints and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
KGB             Public Conduct on School Property KLD             Complaint Concerning School Personnel
KGE             Authorization to Use School Equipment KLE              Federal Programs Complaint Policy Regarding Use of Federal NCLB Funds
KH                Gifts/Donations and Sponsorship KMAA          Parent Involvement Policy




LEA          Student Teachers